Admission requirements for Brazilian students in The Netherlands

Saxion students in DeventerBrazilian students wishing to study at a higher education institution in The Netherlands must meet certain requirements in order to do so. These requirements vary, depending on the level of education the student is applying for.

There are some basic requirements that all non-EU students must meet as well. Some degrees or specialisations may have additional requirements that must be met next to these.

Brazilian degrees compare with Dutch degrees as follows.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Students in MaastrichtStudents from Brazil that wish to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Holland require a secondary school diploma. Those that have a Certificado de Conclusão do 2° Grau or a Certificado de Conclusão de Ensino Médio diploma can apply for a Bachelor’s degree at a Dutch university of applied sciences directly. Those that wish to apply directly to a Dutch research university for a Bachelor’s degree may be required to take extra courses or years of education in order to reach the equivalent level of study.

Students who complete a vocational secondary school and are awarded a Técnico de Nivel Médio/Diploma de Ensino Médio com Habilitação em (…) have the equivalent of a Dutch vocational secondary school diploma (in Dutch, MBO).

The level of qualification of this diploma depends on the duration and specialization of the programme. Students can apply for a Dutch Bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences with this diploma.

Master’s degree requirements

Radboud University's education fairIn order to apply for a Master’s degree at a Dutch institution, Brazilian students require a higher education diploma. A Bacharel degree is the equivalent of an applied sciences Bachelor’s degree in Holland or, at most, could be equivalent to a research university Bachelor’s degree, depending on the study and learning outcomes.

With this degree, students are able to apply for a Master’s programme at a Dutch university of applied sciences, and may be able to apply for a Master’s programme at a Dutch research university, if the level of education is considered high enough.

A Licenciado degree is comparable to a Dutch applied sciences Bachelor’s degree in the education field. A Tecnólogo degree is the equivalent of 1 year of study at a Dutch university of applied sciences.

Other requirements

Besides meeting the educational level requirements, Brazilian students must also meet language and financial requirements in order to apply for a study programme in Holland. Students will also need to obtain a study visa and residence permit.

Brazilian students in Holland

According to the EP-Nuffic NESO report, in 2016-2017 year there were 285 Brazilian students in the Netherlands (16 more than a year before), studying at the government-funded universities. See the table with the details regarding types of universities, fields of studies, and degrees, which were the most popular among Brazilian students.

 Type of university Fields of study Degrees
  1. Arts & Culture
  2. Engineering
  3. Human & Social Sciences
  4. Economy & Business
  • Bachelor: 17.1%
  • Master: 47.2%
of applied sciences
  1. Economy & Business
  2. Arts & Culture
  3. Engineering
  4. Education
  • Bachelor: 31.2%
  • Master: 4.5%


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