Admission requirements for Chinese students in Holland

Hogeschool UtrechtStudents from China that wish to study in The Netherlands will need to meet a number of requirements in order to be admitted to a Dutch Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.

Basic requirements include:

  • having a secondary school or higher education diploma, or equivalent,
  • passing an IELTS or TOEFL test with satisfactory results,
  • have sufficient finances for the duration of the study (including tuition and expenses).

Chinese students will also require a Nuffic certificate to prove they are sufficiently qualified to study at a Dutch institution.

Applying for a Bachelor’s degree in Holland

In order to be admitted to a Bachelor’s programme, Chinese students must have:

  • A vocational senior middle school graduation certificate (普通高中毕业证书 - putong gaozhong biye zhengshu) is equivalent to a Dutch vocational secondary school diploma (in Dutch MBO).
  • A senior middle school graduation certificate, which is comparable to a HAVO secondary school Dutch diploma.
  • Graduation certificate from a professional non degree programme zhuanke programme (2 or 3 years).

Applying for a Master’s degree in Holland

Applying for a Master’s degree at a Dutch institution requires:

  • A Chinese Bachelor’s degree (学士学位 - xueshi xuewei) is comparable to a Bachelor’s degree at a Dutch university of applied sciences. It may also be compared with 2 years of a Bachelor’s degree at a Dutch research university.
  • Completing a Bachelor’s degree at one of the Project 211 institutions is also comparable to a Dutch Bachelor’s degree at either an applied sciences or a research university, depending on the study.
  • A Chinese Master’s degree (硕士学位 - shuoshi xuewei) is equivalent to a Master’s degree at a research university in The Netherlands.

VU AmsterdamStudents are also able to apply for a Master’s program by having an equivalent educational background instead of the diplomas mentioned above. In order to do this, a student must have a Bachelor’s degree and at least 3 years of relevant work experience.

The student must also include published research articles, sufficient scores in a foreign language national exam, and meet requirements determined by the university with regard to research methods and examinations. The student will then be able to receive some exemptions for certain courses or modules based on relevant professional experience and previous education and knowledge.

Additional requirements

Chinese students will also be required to apply for a study visa and residence permit before their arrival to Holland, along with their Nuffic certificate. For more information about these requirements, language requirements, and financial requirements, please see the Can I study in Holland page.

Chinese students in Holland

According to the EP-Nuffic's report, there were 4,347 students from China (5 more than a year before), studying at the government-funded universities in the Netherlands in the 2016-2017 study year. Types of universities, fields of expertise, and degrees popular among Chinese students were as follows:

 Type of university Fields of study Degrees
  1. Economy & Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
  4. Science
  • Bachelor: 16.7%
  • Master: 48.8%
of applied sciences
  1. Economy & Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Arts & Culture
  4. Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor: 33.4%
  • Master: 1.1%


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