Admission requirements for Romanian students in The Netherlands

Students of Zuyd University of Applied SciencesRomanian citizens are able to live and study in the Netherlands without requiring a residence permit or study visa. As part of the EU, Romania’s students can also benefit from paying the same tuition fees that Dutch students pay to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Holland.

Students from Romania wishing to get a higher education at a Dutch institution will be required to prove their English language proficiency by passing an IELTS or TOEFL exam. They must also prove that they have the qualifications necessary to be accepted into a study programme.

The Romanian higher educational system was divided into 3 different types of programmes until 2005 when the country adopted the Bachelor’s and Master’s system in accordance with the European higher education Bologna Framework. Qualifications will differ for those who obtained their degrees before and after this year.

Bachelor’s programme requirements

In order to be accepted into a Bachelor’s programme at a Dutch university, Romanian students require one of the following diplomas:

  • A Diploma de Bacalaureat that was obtained before 2005 is comparable to a Dutch HAVO diploma.
  • A Diploma de Bacalaureat received after 2005 can be compared to a Dutch VWO diploma.
  • A Certificat de absolvire al liceului can also be compared to a 4 year education at a HAVO secondary level.

Students graduating from vocational secondary schools such as Scoli profesionale or Scoli de ucenici before 2003 would have qualifications comparable to a Dutch MBO diploma at level 1 or 2 qualification.

After 2003, students that attended a Scoala de arte si meserii, or craft and trade schools, would be able to reach certain levels of qualification that might allow them to apply to a Dutch post-secondary degree. However, admittance would highly depend on the level reached and the diploma obtained. A Diploma de Bacalaureat would be necessary to have in order to be accepted into a Dutch institution.

Master’s programme requirements

Students of the Hague University of Applied SciencesAcceptance into a Master’s programme at a Dutch higher education institution is granted to students who have one of the following qualifications:


  • A Diploma de Absolvire obtained from a university college is the equivalent of 3 years of higher professional education at the HBO level in the Netherlands.
  • A Diploma de Licenta of 5 or 6 years received from a university is at least equivalent to a WO (research university) Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands.
  • A 4 year study ending in a Diploma de Licenta being granted from a university can be compared with a HBO Bachelor’s degree or 2 years of education at a research university (WO) in the Netherlands, depending on the specialization and type of study completed.


  • A 3 year Diploma de Licenta degree obtained from a university meeting the EHEA-QF 1st cycle / EQF level 6 standards can be compared with either a Bachelor’s degree received from a HBO or WO institution in the Netherlands. The exact qualifications will depend on the specialization and type of study completed.

Students with one of these qualifications have the possibility to apply for and be accepted into a Master’s programme at a Dutch higher education institution. It is possible that some programmes may require additional qualifications. It is best to get in touch with the faculty in charge of a specific programme in order to confirm what the full requirements are.

More information about the language and financial requirements that Romanian students must meet before being admitted into a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in Holland, please visit the Can I study in Holland page.

Romanian students in the Netherlands

In the 2016-2017 study year, 1,842 student from Romania were following degree programmes at Dutch government-funded educational institutions (266 more than a year before). Here you can see the EP-Nuffic's statistics for the most popular fields of studies and degrees among Romanian students in Holland.

 Type of university Fields of study Degrees
  1. Economy & Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Law
  4. Human & Social Sciences
  • Bachelor: 23.8%
  • Master: 25.5%
of applied sciences
  1. Economy & Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Arts & Culture
  4. Agriculture & Environmenal Sciences
  • Bachelor: 49.8%
  • Master: 0.9%


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