Application deadlines at Dutch universities for EU and non-EU students

Students of Radboud University in HollandUniversities in the Netherlands set application deadlines for prospective students wishing to enrol in a degree programme. These deadlines represent the latest date that a student may begin their application procedure. If a student misses the deadline, he or she has to wait for the next intake period, often a semester later, or to search for the university with the more delayed deadlines.

Beginning the application procedure to a desired university starts students on the journey that will determine if they are eligible for their chosen programme. During this time they will also arrange all the documents needed to come live and study in the Netherlands.

Universities assess a student’s application and all documents sent in carefully to decide whether or not the student can be admitted for the programme they’ve chosen. In some cases, students are also required to pass an intake assessment.

Application deadlines for EU and non-EU students

Numerous documents must be arranged for students. Some, such as insurance and financial papers, are solely the responsibility of the student, while other documents like a visa and a residence permit for international students, must be arranged in cooperation with the university. For this reason, citizens of countries outside of the European Union have to start their application earlier than the EU residents, usually by 2-3 months.

Housing reservation deadlines at Dutch universities

Students of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the NetherlandsAs finding a place to live in Dutch student cities can often be a challenge for newcomers, some universities offer an additional service during the application period. International students may be able to take advantage of the contractual agreements between their university and housing corporations in order to ensure that they are provided accommodation during their study.

However, this service does not guarantee all university students with accommodation due to the large demand. Therefore, students who wish to make use of the additional assistance in finding housing should start their enrolment process as early as possible, usually at least 3-4 months before their programme starts. Housing is generally filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and application deadlines often do not take this additional period into account.

Several Dutch universities do set earlier “deadlines with accommodation” and will help find rooms for students that apply before those dates. To find out if your university offers this and other “early-bird” application bonuses, please check their websites.

Enrolment for programmes with limited intake

Some universities in the Netherlands offer study programmes with a limited amount of places available. If the limit is reached, the university can close the application process, even before the official deadline date. If your programme has a limited intake, make sure to send your documents as early as possible in order to be eligible for admission.

Table of the application deadlines at Dutch universities

University Programmes Starting in September Starting in February
    EU students non-EU EU students non-EU
Universities of Applied Sciences
Avans UAS   1st August 1st June    
Inholland UAS   1st June 1st May    
Fontys UAS   15th August 15th May - 15th June 15th January 15th November
HAN UAS   15th August 1st June 15th January 1st December
Hanze UAS   15th August 1st June    
Hotelschool The Hague Bachelor's 1st May 1st May    
  Master's 1st July 15th June    
HU UAS Utrecht   1st August 15th June    
HZ UAS   15th July 15th June    
NHTV Breda UAS Bachelor's 1st September 1st May    
  Master's 1st July 1st June    
Saxion UAS Bachelor's 1st July 16th June 20th December 22nd November
  Master's 5th July 5th July    
Stenden UAS   31st August 31st May 27th January 1st November
TIO UAS   1st July 1st July 1st November (starting in January) 1st November (starting in January)
The Hague UAS Bachelor's 1st May 1st May    
  Master's 20th August 31st May    
Wittenborg UAS   2-4 weeks prior to start date 6-8 weeks prior to start date    
Windesheim UAS   15th August 1st July    
Zuyd UAS Bachelor's 1st May - 1st August 1st May - 1st August    
  Master's 1st May - 1st July 1st May - 1st July    
Amsterdam UAS (HvA)   15th March 15th March    
Hotelschool the Hague Bachelor's 1st May (starting in August) 1st March (starting in August) 1st November 1st November
  Master's 1st August 15th June    
Research Universities
Radboud University Nijmegen   1st May 1st April  1st December  1st November
Tilburg University Bachelor's 1st May 1st April - 1st May    
  Master's 1st July 1st April 1st October - 1st December 1st October
University of Amsterdam   1st April - 15th May 1st February - 1st May    
University of Twente Bachelor's 1st March - 1st July 1st March - 1st May    
  Master's 1st July 1st May  1st December 1st October
VU University Amsterdam Bachelor's 1st April - 1st May 1st April    
  Master's 1st June 1st April    
Delft University of Technology Bachelor's 1st April 1st April    
    1st April 1st April 1st October 1st October
Erasmus University Rotterdam Bachelor's 1st May 1st April - 1st May    
  BSc International Business Administration 15th January 15th January    
  Master's 1st May - 1st July 1st April - 1st June    
Leiden University Bachelor's 15th June 1st April    
  Master's 15th June 1st April 1st December (starting in January) 15th October (starting in January)
Maastricht University Bachelor's 1st May 1st April    
  Master's 1st June 1st April - 1st May 1st - 15th December 1st October - 1st November
Eindhoven University of Technology   1st May 1st April - 1st May    
University of Groningen   1st March - 1st July 1st February - 1st June    
Utrecht University Bachelor's 1st May 1st April - 1st May    
  Master's 1st June 1st April 15th October 1st September
Wageningen University   15th July 1st May 1st December 1st October
University Colleges
Amsterdam University College   1st February 1st February 1st November 1st November
University College Utrecht   1st February 1st February 15th September 15th September
Business Schools
Duisenberg school of finance Full-time MSc and LLM programmes 1st August 15th May    
Maastricht School of Management MSc in Management 1st March 1st March    
  Full-time MBA 1st August 1st July    
  Part-time MBA 1st July 1st July 1st December 1st December
Nyenrode Business Universiteit BBA 1st July (starting in August) 1st July (starting in August)     
  International MBA 15th July (starting in October) 15th July (starting in October)     
  MSc in Management 30th June (starting in late August) 30th June (starting in late August)     
Rotterdam Business School Bachelor's 31st July 1st May    
  Master's 31st July 1st May 1st January 1st November
TIAS Business School Full-time MBA 21st July (starting in late September) 21st July (starting in late September)    
  MSc in Business Administration 1st June 1st June    

Please note: certain programmes at Dutch universities may have different application deadlines. Those are usually programmes with intake assessments, draw loting, or other special admission conditions and procedures.

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