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  • TIAS School for Business and Society offers higher and second higher education in Business and Management for working professionals and full-time students.
  • Top ranked business programmes in the Netherlands: TIAS is #1 in Executive Education (Financial Times ranking).
  • Read more about TIAS MScBA on business school's website.The Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA) programme is the best in the Netherlands, according to the Elsevier 2015 rankings. The programme was also awarded the "Top Rated Programme" label in the Keuzegids Masters 2015.
  • Personalised approach and small-sized classes.
  • Study curriculum has a strong research component.


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General information

TIAS is a business school with strong academic roots. It was founded by Tilburg University in cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology. A form of the school has been present in Tilburg since the early 1980s and began its cooperation with Eindhoven University in 2004. The institution continues to develop and expand, adding more programmes and creating more partnerships that help it grow every year.

The TIAS motto, “never stop asking”, is reflected in the education it provides. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills in order to really understand how businesses and society work. The institution is focused on helping professionals, managers, and leaders to expand their knowledge while broadening their horizons into new and different areas.


TIAS is a business school and therefore focuses on business administration and management programmes, specifically in the post-experience management education area. The school offers various Master’s and Executive Master’s of Business Administration programmes, a Master’s of Science in Business Administration, and PhD and Executive programmes as well. The MBA can be earned as a European and/or American degree. TIAS also offers company-specific programmes that are designed to meet the needs of specific national and international organisations.

International students, faculty, and partner institutions help create an intensely global experience at TIAS. Programmes are designed to follow the three principles of discovering, engaging, and connecting in order to achieve TIAS’ mission to improve society.

Educational approach

TIAS uses a project-based learning approach that focuses on real-world leadership skills. Students participate in theoretical and practical parts of the curriculum to ensure that they are able to use the knowledge they gain in their careers. Throughout their programme, students learn how to assess the relationship between organisations and their stakeholders, how markets work, how to develop their own personal abilities to lead others, and how to understand societal needs in order to make the best decisions. Students also have access to the most recent research endeavours of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, as well as research done at TIAS itself.

The curriculum at TIAS dedicates time for the personal and social development of each student. Small class sizes also ensure that each student gets the attention and help they need while guaranteeing extra interaction with classmates. Students can also participate in an international study trip to further expand their knowledge about different cultures and organisations and they can also take part in internships with NGOs or commercial organisations. TIAS focuses on the academic, personal, and societal growth of each student to help them develop the skills needed to make them highly effective leaders.

Awards and rankings

Read more about TIAS MScBA on business school's website.In 2015, the Elsevier magazine named the TIAS Full-time International Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA) the best among all Masters in Business Adminitration in the Netherlands. The ranking, which is based on the results of the National Student Questionnare, gives high scores to the programme's professors, examination, and quality of education. In the Keuzegids Masters 2015 ranking, the programme has also received the "Top Rated Programme" award.

The 2015 Financial Times rankings of the top European business schools placed TIAS at 23rd out of 75 institutions, and 2nd in the Netherlands.The full-time MBA programme at TIAS is ranked 27th overall in Europe, and 2nd nationally.

The Executive programmes also rank highly, with the International Executive MBA programme ranking 34th in Europe. The Company Specific Programmes rank 1st in The Netherlands, 28th in Europe, and 66th worldwide. The Open Programmes rank similarly high, scoring 2nd in The Netherlands, 29th in Europe, and 71st worldwide.

The TIAS Executive MBA ranks 18th in Europe and 2nd best nationally. The FT Rankings also named it best in The Netherlands in terms of career progress for its graduates.

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Tias building Warandelaan, 2
Tilburg, 5037 AB
The Netherlands

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Postbus, 90153
Tilburg, 5000 LE
The Netherlands

Postal address

Postbus, 90153
Tilburg, 5037 AB
The Netherlands

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Email: information@tias.edu
Phone: +31 13 466 86 00
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