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Corpus.Museum of human body. In Holland.In the NetherlandsHer Majesty Queen Beatrix opened the museum CORPUS in March 2008. This museum situated in the Netherlands is one in the world. The visitors can take a spectacular excursion around the human body.

CORPUS offers a 'journey through the human body' during which the visitor can see, feel and hear how the human body works and what roles healthy food, healthy life and plenty of exercise  plays.

CORPUS gives a variety of information and provides education and entertainment with this journey as well as a vast number of permanent and variable exhibitions.

CORPUS has been realised in a 35-meter high transparent building with the contours of the human body projecting from it. The eye-catching building is situated along the A44 highway between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Corpus Museum of Humand body in HollandQuestions as 'Why do I have to sleep?', 'what happens when I sneeze', 'how does my hair grow' are answered in CORPUS by means of  tangible, visible and audible conceptions during the  'journey through the human body'.

CORPUS uses the latest technology in the field of imagery, sound and 3D effects to present and explain all aspects of the medical aspects of the human body.

CORPUS 'journey through the human body':

  • The attraction of the human body (about 55 minutes)
  • 8 languages audio tour
  • Medical information center (about 1 hour)
  • Entrance EUR 16,50
  • Group discounts 

It is possible to take a thrilling journey in the 5D-heart theatre as a red blood cell, and discover the spectacular operation of the human brain in the brain show. How do your intestines respond to a cheese sandwich? What happens when you sneeze? Where on your tongue do you taste sugar, or salt for that matter?

One can find out the answers to these and thousands of other questions on the amazing voyage of discovery for young and old during CORPUS 'journey through the human body'! In the medical center of the CORPUS is offered a lot of range of information about human body.

The museum also becomes an education and entertainment center. For instance, for children are offered several educative Corpus games on line and take tests.

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