Dutch language tests NT2 required for study at universities in the Netherlands

Candidates which would like to follow education in the Netherlands, which is conducted Dutch, should take the Dutch government language test NT2 (in Dutch: ‘Staatsexamen NT2’).

NT2 is a language test (means: Dutch as a Second Language) that would determine your competency in written, reading, listening and spoken Dutch.

The NT2 exam is conducted in 2 phases:

  • The NT2 I level is the basic level. People who have passed this level would be comfortable with simple sentences and basic day to day language.
  • The next level is NT2 II level which is more difficult. This level is suitable for advanced level students who wish to pursue their higher education in Dutch or learn the language more thoroughly. With reference to the standards set by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the second level corresponds to B2 level.

This test is usually conducted by a division of the Dutch Ministry of education, the DUO IB Group. Participation fee is around 90 Euro for each level. In order to pass the test, a candidate should score at least 500 points for each part of the test. If a candidate fails in one or more among the 4 sections, it’s compulsory to retake the tests for the failed section. The results would be announced in 45 days.

Here is an overview of all 4 parts of the exam.

Reading Dutch

The reading section consists of 40 questions patterned in multiple choices. Either 3 or 4 options are given for each question and it is necessary to pick one right answer.The questions might be related to cultural ethics, work situations etc.

Written Dutch

The written section consists of completing incomplete sentences, making new sentences or writing official or unofficial letters. It would be given 2 hours time to complete this task. The guidelines to be followed would be given clearly. It is necessary to give proper attention to spellings and grammar.

Listening Dutch

This part again contains 40 multiple choice questions. A candidate has to listen to 3 audio sections and answer to these 40 questions. Each question has only one right answer among the 4 multiple choices provided. Listening carefully with all concentration is the only key to passing this section.

Spoken Dutch

A candidate's answers would be taped by the computer and later they would be evaluated. The first part of this section consists of short answers lasting few seconds; the second part consists of long answers which might last for two minutes. The test lasts for half an hour.

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