Master programmes at Dutch universities

Around 50% of Master (graduate) degree programmes in Holland, especially developed for international students and taught completely in English. Dutch universities intent to provide high quality of international education. That's why master's programmes are often conducted by native speakers which are invited from the best universities worldwide.

Master programmes are offered at Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences.

How to gain Master degree (MSc or MA) at a Research University

  • It is possible to follow a 3 - years Bachelor programme and then:
    • 1 - 2 year a Master degree programme (a thesis is not required)
    • 2 year a Master Research (MRes) degree programme, focused on research and resulting in thesis. These programmes are especially designed for students who aim at a scientific career either as a PhD-student or as a researcher in future.
  • Another option: to follow a 4-years Bachelor programmes at a University of  Applied Sciences, and then continue education at a Research University on pre-Master programme and then enrol at Master of Sciences of Master of Arts programme. 

What is the difference between MRes and MPhil?

A MRes (Research Masters) programme besides learning modules includes several research modules on study curriculum. A MPhil programme is considered as  the first year of a PhD programme and consists of  research activities.

The MRes degree is a standalone masters degree, which can be continued as a PhD programme and  take another 3 years of study according 1+3 scheme. 

How to gain Master degree at a University of Applied Sciences

First follow 4-years Bachelor programmes at a University of  Applied Sciences, and then continue education at the same of  another University of Applied Sciences and earn Master (M) studying 1 - 2 years.

Admission at Master programme

Admission terms should be taken in consideration individually in a particular case depending of records providing by the applicant:

  • a bachelor's diploma in a relevant field
  • subject, hour list of records for programmes given in English
  • the most essential requirement is that a standard English test (TOEFL:  575 or 232 computer based, or 90 Internet based or IELTS 6.5 - 7) or a test arranged by the Dutch University should be passed).

For the programmes conducted in the Dutch applicants should have passed English and Dutch language tests. In this case a minimum TOEFL score 500 ( or 173 computer based) or IELTS 6.0 is required and the official NT2 - II exam ( Dutch as a second language, level 2).

Certain universities have such courses for international students (in Dutch and in English) in order to support smooth enrolment for a Master degree programme.  Only after meeting all the conditions for the minimum standard required, the applicant will obtain the admission notification.

Browse for Master programmes in the Eurogates database.

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22/05/2013, 18:34 # douglas reginald

i want to do my master degree program in marine engineering or network engineering

23/05/2013, 11:53 # staff

Look here:!/univ=delft-university-technology&search=marine

10/11/2013, 11:05 # Leire Berasaluce

I would like to do a master research degree programe in criminology.

10/11/2013, 12:22 # staff

Hi Leire,
Look here for Master programmes in Criminology:!/search=criminology

11/03/2014, 20:09 # Asghar khan

I would like to do Mester programme in law

12/03/2014, 15:29 # staff

Look here:!/degree=academic_master&search=law

03/11/2014, 12:24 # kunbi

What if I wanna study masters in human resources management

03/11/2014, 12:32 # staff

Look here:

05/01/2016, 08:40 # Jenny

I would like to study masters in preschool teaching

07/10/2016, 11:27 # staff

Hello, Jenny!
You can choose suitable for you programme via our search engine:
Also be so kind to visit admission page for more details:

10/02/2016, 19:36 # Olivia

I would love to study masters in epidemiology or masters in a field related to optometry

06/10/2016, 14:35 # staff

You can choose suitable programme for you below:

15/03/2016, 15:08 # NIKOLAY

Can you give me advise ? I have an IELTS overall score 6.0 ( 6.0 in every part of test). I have bachelor degree in Engineering area. Can I get some master programme ? And which area would be more suitable If I would like to change the area of education?
Thanks a lot!

17/03/2016, 08:19 # staff

Hi! First of all please take attetion to
and IELTS requierments for master studies.
Also You can search master programs here
And If You want to chage field of study You can read about premaster programs

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