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Amsterdam — the capital of The Netherlands

A canal of Amsterdam, capital of the NetherlandsAmsterdam is the largest city of the Netherlands and functions as the nominal capital of the country. It remains one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world.

If the Netherlands is a jewel of Europe, Amsterdam, inarguably, is the jewel of the country. Though established at the turn of the millennium, Amsterdam came into its age of golden prosperity around the 15th century, experienced a downturn and resurged in the 17th century following the construction of the North Sea Canal.

Originating as a small fishing village in the twelfth century, it later turned into an active port and today, the city has come to occupy an important role in global business and economy. Amsterdam has held an important trading role in the Dutch history since the 17th century.

Many leading corporate houses have their head-offices in the city indicating the significance of Amsterdam from the point of view of finance and trading. The oldest stock exchange of the world, the Amsterdam stock exchange is also located here.

As one of the well-planned cities of Europe, Amsterdam is well known for a blend of traditional and modern architecture. With more than 100 kilometres of canals constructed during the Dutch golden age, the city offers a picturesque landscape. No wonder it is also called “Venice of the North”. The concentric ring of canals which were meant to enhance the utility of Amsterdam as a port-city now lends a unique touch. Amsterdam - the capital of Holland

The perfect combination of natural beauty and man-made architectural wonders has successfully made Amsterdam into a thriving hub of business, culture and economy.

Every year the city attracts many visitors who seek better opportunities in business, academics and research. On an annual basis, more than 3.6 million foreigners visit Amsterdam. The most famous places of interest are  the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam and Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam regularly participates in worldwide rankings, assessing various aspects of the city life. In 2013 it became the best cycling city in the world and took 5th place in the QS Best Students Cities ranking for quality of living.

It has also become the 4th most sustainable city in the world in 2015.

Where to study in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the right place for those who is looking for studies in an cosmopolitan environment. Amsterdam has a  wide range of higher educational institutions. It is a really student town where students are well integrated. A period of study in Amsterdam could be the most rewarding component in many students' educations.

Research Universities in Amsterdam

There are 2 Research Universities in Amsterdam which offer a wide range of Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes in English as well as Dutch.

Business Schools

Universities of Applied Sciences

There are also educational institutions in Amsterdam which provide professional or applied higher education. They award Bachelor’s and Master's professional degrees.

  • Hogeschool of Amsterdam (HvA)
  • Tio University
  • Webster University

Cost of living in the capital

Studying and living in Amsterdam is quite enriching and rewarding. Students who come to study in Amsterdam will have difficulties finding accommodation by themselves. Usually universities reserve rooms for international students who are accepted for studies. Students can share accommodation and use public transportation or bicycles. If the university has a campus, it is best to stay there.

Read more about costs of living in Amsterdam.

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