Application procedure to Dutch Universities via Studielink

Studielink is a national web-based system in the Netherlands used for enrolment of Dutch and international students for various degree programmes offered by Dutch Universities. Studielink is used to arrange online enrolment or re-enrolment at institution of higher education and allows prospective students to apply to 4 different universities at a time.

Every study programme is entitled to set additional admission requirements: the students should therefore always consult the institution's website first before submitting a request for enrolment via Studielink. International students, which are not residing in the Netherlands, have to create their own Studielink account.

Registration at Studielink

In order to create a personal account, you should go to and choose the option Request login details and log in. A username and a password will be sent to your email. When you receive the emails containing your new username and password, simply go back to the website of Studielink, log in and fill in your personal details.

When entering your country of birth in Studielink, remember that you should indicate the name which was actually used when you were born. A common example is the Soviet Union, which should be indicated if a student comes from a country which formed part of the Soviet Union when he or she was born.

Once you have entered your personal details, you can proceed with filling in an enrolment application. To request enrolment for a study programme in Studielink, you need the following information:

  1. Personal information and contact details, such as name, address, telephone number etc.
  2. Diploma or diplomas which you have obtained or will obtain.
  3. Payment information, who pays your tuition fees, what is his/her bank account number? (You can supply this information later.)
  4. The CROHO code of a programme. (Dutch university programmes accredited by the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) get a CROHO code. CROHO stands for Central Register of Higher Education Programmes and is used by DUO (Dutch governmental organisation). The CROHO ID is required for the application to a study programme via Studielink. Recognized degrees are awarded only after graduation of a programme accredited by NVAO.)

Once you have completed all the steps, you have finished submitting your application in Studielink. It is important to pay attention to any emails sent from Studielink as they may contain further instructions.

When submitted, your application will be sent to an external body that facilitates various procedures on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education – DUO/IB-Group. They will pass it on to the University you are applying to.

What is next?

However, submitting your application via Studielink is usually only a part of the application process. Check the webpage of your university to see what documents you are required to send and what the further process is. For example, you always have to pay your tuition fees before you can be enrolled. Sometimes university asks to register first via Studielink and then apply via University website as well. See also: application procedure

How to keep track of the status of application?

  • Via e-mail. Studielink keeps you updated via e-mail.
  • Via Studielink:
    • Check your status at ‘My applications’
    • Messages sent by Studielink can be found at ‘My messages’
    • Check your data and correct them if necessary at ‘My data’. This is also where you can view the status of the verification process of your personal details and previous education.
    • When a step has been completed, a green dot will appear.
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15/10/2013, 09:47 # Dereje Dega Tuli

I was graduated from Hawassa university,Wondo Genet college of forestry and natural resources with BSc in Natural resources management. To which university better to apply for MSc study?

16/10/2013, 10:07 # staff

Hi Dereje Dega,
You can apply at University of Twente

24/10/2013, 22:17 # paiman kurd

I was graduated from English language college in University of Sulaymaniyah. I want to know the cost of study in Dutch and which university would be better to apply for?

27/10/2013, 18:25 # staff

Hi Paiman,
Here is information about education costs:
Here you can see which universities are the best in fields of humanities:

10/11/2013, 14:32 # sari

Hello there,
Is there a maximum of universities one can apply? For example in the UK you may apply five institutions through UCAS only.

10/11/2013, 23:30 # staff

It is allowed to apply at four (4) universities. Thank you for your question.

14/02/2014, 10:47 # Clara

but there is no limit to the number of masters you can apply for, right? It is only the number of universities?

14/02/2014, 10:54 # staff

So far as we know, the only restriction is an amount of universities.

20/02/2014, 16:29 # Bilal Ahmad Mir

Hi! I am from Kashmir (India) and have completed my master degree in computer applications (MCA). Now I want to apply for the PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing (NLP)). Kindly help me in finding the proper institute or University.

20/02/2014, 18:26 # staff

Hi Bilal,
Here is information about research universities: and here are universities which have this field of studies:!/degree=academic_master&search=Intelligence

09/04/2014, 13:13 # zinaw derebe

hi i xm from Ethiopia @i am graduated in history in degree program i want to apply for m.a in antropolpgy how can i do that?

28/04/2014, 14:32 # Roosevelt

ii have a degree in Educational Psychology and a Minor in Economics from the University of Buea in Cameroon,i wish to apply for a masters in Development studies or Business studies, i will appreciate if you can direct me on what to do

15/06/2014, 11:14 # Staff

Look here:

29/01/2015, 17:12 # jerry

Hi there,

1.) In Studielink, we need to choose specifically the programmes we need to choose at the universities. Does it mean that I will have used up all the quota (max. 4 applications) if I am applying for 4 master programmes at one university - which means that I cannot apply for other courses at other universities?
2.) If i set up different accounts for different university applications, i.e. 5 accounts for 5 universities, will I get caught by Studielink and be ruled out from the all the applications?


04/02/2015, 08:02 # staff

Hi! We can advice You do not cheat studielink and strictly follow their rules

10/02/2015, 14:55 # nooshin

hi, i have two questions , first is that in case my bacholor's degree is in english medium do i still need to take IELTS or TAFEL ? and which master program in sociology and anthropology do you suggest that would be more economical for an international student concidering both tution fees and living expanses. i have an an associated degree in medical laboratory science from iran . and corrently enrolled in third year B.A in sociology. thank you indeed.

10/02/2015, 15:33 # staff

Hi! For the english language You can look here
If You are not from this list You must take exams.
About programs You can see here

25/03/2015, 23:39 # Ali

Hi, i tried applying at a second university but studielink tells me that "Ive already entered an enrolment with draw procedure for this academic year and a second application cannot be entered???"

21/09/2015, 17:15 # Roxana Spinu

hi, I understand that I can apply to maximum 4 universities in Netherlands through Studielink, but do I have to apply to all the universities at once? for exemple, Radboud University has its deadline on the 30th of April, but Leiden University has its deadline on the 15 of february. so my question is, may I apply firstly to Leiden University (because of its earlier deadline) and after, let's say a mounth, I apply to Radboud University. is that possible?

22/09/2015, 08:43 # staff

Yes, You can apply at any suitable for You time

17/12/2015, 13:16 # kenbon kebede

I was graduated from ADAMA university,department of mechanical engineering with BSc in degree. To which university better to apply for Robotics or mechanics MSc study?

17/12/2015, 13:34 # staff

Hi! For example
or You can use program search for example:

05/12/2016, 12:35 # Rose Fleury

Hi,i am a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea in Cameroon.I applied to the University of leiden this year 2016, but unfortunately i was late so the admission office wrote to me telling me they could only processed my application for the September 2017 intake.
My question is i am now in France and i have obtained the French Nationality. If i send in a new application to the University if Leiden through Studielink since i am now an .EU student,will i be penalised for having apply twice with different Identity?

05/12/2016, 17:22 # staff

Hello, Rose!
First of all, please be so kind to check the information about application deadlines.
And for your situation, it is better to ask first the university's administration before applying.

31/12/2016, 17:41 # agata

does university see for what departaments am i applying? I mean, can i apply for diffrent courses at the same time?

03/01/2017, 17:03 # staff

Hello, Agata!
You can apply to 4 different universities via Studylink
But not for 4 different courses in one university, we think

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