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The MBA or Masters in Business Administration degree is now probably the world’s most popular and widely recognised post-graduate qualification. Every year over 100,000 students will invest large amounts of time, effort and money to gain one. 

The MBA is the classic training for managers, the market leader amongst business qualifications. The MBA degree tends to provide a significant boost to careers and income. It is also a big investment in time and money and the quality of MBAs available on the market is extremely variable.

Most European programmes are only one year in length enabling students to complete an MBA in a much shorter period than they would a traditional American MBA, saving on both time and expense.

Less time out of the workplace ensures MBA graduates retain a stronger market value. The international profile of top European schools is also significant: many remain committed to the concept of highly international MBA programmes.

Business schools of Research Universities:

Business schools of Universities of Applied Sciences:

MBA programmes come with a wide variety of study options.

Full-time MBA

Students do not work full-time; school is considered the first priority.

Part-time MBA

  •  Part-time MBA programs are designed for working professionals. Part-time programs are popular among career enhancers, who have a good foundation of experience and want to further their career in a chosen field.

    They are also good if you already have a network in your field to aid in a job change.

    • Most part-time MBAs work full-time during the day and attend classes in the evening. 
    • Some universities offers part-time MBA programmes which consist of resident weeks when participants come to the schools several times a year.

  • Distance-learning MBA are based on the delivery of instruction and the fulfillment of course work from remote locations, allowing instructors and students to interact without being in the same place.

    New technologies have made distance learning an increasingly popular option for institutions and students alike. The Internet, e-mail, video conferencing, and other interactive systems allow schools to experiment with unique modes of teaching and learning, use resources that do not reside on their own campuses, and attract faculty and students who are far from campus or cannot travel to campus very often. Webster University offers MBA online programme.

Executive MBA Executive MBA  (EMBA)

EMBA programs are geared toward enhancing the careers of working executives, many of whom are company sponsored. These programs are for professionals who are already specialists in a field or industry and need to hone their general management skills to continue up the corporate ladder.

Search for the MBA programmes in the Eurogates database.

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20/06/2013, 10:10 # SIKANYIKA KELVIN

Am a Zambian request for sponsorship and admission for MBA. I want to pursue my Degree.

21/06/2013, 14:25 # staff

Look here:

01/06/2013, 10:17 # ADMAS KAHSAY


02/06/2013, 12:44 # staff

Hi Admas,

What programme do you want to follow? Bachelor or Master?

You can select one

21/05/2013, 17:50 # ahmad farid

i want to get my MBA from Holland universities:

21/05/2013, 21:50 # staff

You can look here for programmes in master business administration:!/degree=mba_blended,mba

21/04/2013, 15:36 # Mr. Revocatus Sebastian Bisama

I request for you sponsorship and admission for MBA, as I'm a Procurement Officer working in the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives

07/12/2013, 09:05 # staff

You can look here for programmes MBA:!/degree=mba_blended

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