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Tuition fees and living expenses in the Netherlands

Saxion University of Applied Sciences, EnschedeDutch universities charge tuition fees for higher education programmes. Depending on their country of origin, students will pay somewhere between € 2,000 and € 20,000 for one study year. They can also expect to spend € 10,350 on accommodation, food and health insurance. To reduce expenses when studying in the Netherlands, students can apply for a scholarship or find a part-time job.

Tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in 2018-2019

Government-funded Dutch universities have two types of tuition fees, statutory and institutional.

Statutory fees are a fixed amount set by the Dutch government for all universities. Most students from the Netherlands and other EU/EEA countries must pay this type of fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. For 2018-2019, the statutory fee is set at € 2,060 per year.

Institutional fees are set by the university itself and are applicable to students from outside of the EU/EEA. The amount depends on specialisations and other conditions. On average, the institutional fee for 2018-2019 is between € 6,000 and € 20,000 per year.

Private university tuition fees are comparable to government-funded university fees. Preparatory courses are usually the same amount for both EU and non-EU students.

Tuition fee per year, in euro For EU students For non-EU students
Preparatory courses (1–12 months) 6,000 — 12,000 6,000 — 12,000
Bachelor’s programmes (3–4 years) 2,060 6,000 — 10,000
Master’s programmes (1–2 years) 2,060 7,000 — 20,000
Tuition fee for MBA programmes can reach € 40,000 — € 50,000

Please note that tuition fees usually don’t include the cost of study books, uniforms, internships, or other additional expenses. Depending on the programme, these extra fees range from € 500 to € 2,000 per year.

See a detailed breakdown of tuition fees at Dutch universities in the Eurogates database.

— Bachelor’s programmes
— Master’s programmes

Living expenses in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), student needs € 10,412 per year (€ 867.68 per month) to cover living expenses including accommodation, food, health insurance, and transport costs in the Netherlands. International students who require a visa must have this amount in their bank account in order to start the Entry and Residence Procedure (TEV).

This sum does not cover spending money for trips around Europe, going out to eat at restaurants, or other social activities (movies, drinks, museums, etc.).

Financial requirements

To receive a student visa, candidates must prove they have sufficient finances to live in the Netherlands for at least one year (€ 10,412). In most cases, they must transfer this sum to the university’s bank account prior to completing their visa application. Students will get access to these finances when they arrive in the country.

Students must also pay the tuition fee for the first study year before it begins. Deadlines for making the payment depend on the university. Some institutions allow payment to be made several weeks before courses begin while others require the payment to be made before applying for the student visa. Details regarding the tuition fee payment, including deadlines, can be found on each university’s website.

Reducing expenses

High-quality higher education is expensive. However, studying in the Netherlands is quite affordable compared to other countries like the UK or US. For example, tuition fees start at € 15,000 in the UK, three times more expensive than in the Netherlands. Living costs in the UK are also higher. Student needs to have at least € 1,380 per month to apply for a visa (versus € 867.68 in the Netherlands).

Students coming to the Netherlands may want to reduce their study and living costs by applying for a scholarship and/or finding a part-time job.

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Comments (56) Comment the article

20/06/2013, 11:29 # Sandeep Singh

My name is sandeep singh I had completed graduation in arts and after than and recently completed diploma in civil engineering and know I want to study in holland in master degree in tourism and management course.i want to know about total cost of study excluding living cost there and procedure of how to apply?

20/06/2013, 17:25 # staff

Hi Sandeep,

Here is the link to the selection of programmes in Tourism:!/degree=applied_master,academic_master&search=tourism. You can see the prices per programme.

13/06/2013, 21:42 # mwajuma said

I am an African student also studying in Africa as a bachelor education holder but I want to study master programmes so will I be able to get sponsership on that study?

16/06/2013, 16:55 # staff

Look here for a programme and select a programme with a note "grants are available".!/fos=education&degree=academic_master

30/04/2013, 16:21 # Maximillian Okere

I am an EU citizen but I studied in Africa. Will my African results be accepted?

01/05/2013, 22:03 # staff

You need to send your documents to a university and international office evaluates your documents.

15/08/2013, 10:43 # wilson maingu magesa

I am Tanzania. I studed undergraduate and post graduate diploma in Tanzania. but I want to study masters program so will I be able to get schorship on that study in holand

18/08/2013, 08:28 # staff

Hi Wilson,
Please select a programme here:
How to find a scholarship for study in Holland, please read here:

22/08/2013, 09:27 # Gati

Hello, My son was born in the Netherlands, but he studied the primary and secondary school in Tanzania. Could he be given special consideration if he pursues studying at any university in the Netherlands in the future . He really wants to study undergraduate studies in the country where he was born. Please help!.

22/08/2013, 12:23 # staff

Hi Gati,
Your son can apply for any study programme at Holland. Please find here requirements:

08/10/2013, 10:57 # Abdul Majeed Perhyar

Dear Concerned I am postgraduate in Business Administration HR and Bachelor in Economics and LLB also. Being Government officer in NADRA Pakistan wants to obtain doctoral degree via fully funded scholarship because I belong to poor family and unable to bear expenses of u r country for education. Please help and guide me.

09/10/2013, 20:14 # staff

Hi Abdul Majeed,
Please read here information about financing of doctoral studies in Holland:

11/11/2013, 02:21 # Shreedhar

I am Nepalese and Now I am pursuing undergraduate bachelor degree in South Korea. Is it possible that I can be transfer from South Korea to Nether land. Is there any scholarship available? I want to continue my bachelor degree in Nether land.

05/12/2013, 20:04 # staff

Hi, here are Bachelor programmes:!/degree=applied_bachelor,academic_bachelor

26/07/2014, 12:12 # Sushma

I'm a post graduate in English literature and bachelor in education.What courses or degrees can you suggest me in Holland and what will be the tuition fee.?I Have already arranged for accommodation with a friend.

18/08/2014, 12:52 # staff

Here are programmes related with English literature:

08/09/2014, 16:03 # ajibola

I am ajibola from Nigeria i study library and information studies and i wish to do my masters in any do i go about that. here is my email mail me to me what to do.

11/09/2014, 19:45 # staff

Hi Ajibola,
Here are Master programmes in Information fields:

08/06/2015, 13:02 # awet

my name is awet ,from eritrea i want to learn in netherland english university and i gradguated diploma in accounting in my home land ,and also i have 4 orginal result paper for 4 semisters ,so is that papers helpful for me.

13/10/2016, 14:44 # staff

Hello, Awet!
You can get whole information about documents below:

26/08/2015, 15:32 # alekos

hello ! i have a question! I am 18 years old. I am from ukraine(non eu country) but i am living in greece ( eu country) for about 16,5 years old ! i recently finished shcool ! i have landed immigrant but i dont have greek passport yet ! shall i pay the non eu country fee or no ? PLEASE ANSWER ME !!

26/08/2015, 15:52 # staff

Hi! First of all it depends of universiry. If You have permanent residence permit in Greece without terms most of Universities will allow You to pay as EU sitizen. But I will repeat it depends on University.
Good luck.

04/11/2015, 00:56 # Tony

I am a Chinese and a phd candidate in tu/e. And my partner is a bechelor student in maastricht university. my question is whether she can get any tuition fee reduction as the partner of a phd? waiting for your reply. thanks

04/11/2015, 07:15 # staff

Hi,Tony! We suppose that You need ask this question in Your University directly. Only they have ability to change titution fee.
Good Luck.

02/03/2016, 14:07 # Newton Dhar

I'm from Bangladesh & completed B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with CGPA 2.92 out of 4. my IELTS score is just Band-6.
now, i just wanna get a list of universities for doing Masters in EEE related courses at the lowest tution fees..
would you plz help me find out a university....
plz! plz! plz!

21/03/2016, 12:00 # staff

Hi! We are sorry but here are requirements about TOEFL/IELTS for master studies
I think You need to improve Your score before admission

20/03/2016, 22:18 # Gizem

Dear Madam/Sir,

I live in England and hold turkish citizenship. I am married to a EU citizen. I know some EU universities (e.g. swedish universities) would charge me the EU price since I am a spouse of an EU citizens. My question is whether this rule applies to Dutch universities as well?

Best regards

21/03/2016, 11:58 # staff

Hi! First of all You need to choose suitable programs for You here:
Then You can ask directly about price for Your situation in universities You will choose.

13/06/2016, 14:18 # Juliana

I am a Brazilian married to a Dutch and living in the Netherlands on a permanent residency. Will I be seen as a 'non EU' citizen in terms of studying or will the reduced fees apply to me?


13/10/2016, 17:05 # staff

It is individual situation
You can ask directly about a price for your situation in universities you will choose.

18/08/2016, 10:42 # Ameer Hamza

Is work permit allowed to the international students studying in netherlands?

31/08/2016, 19:13 # staff

Hi! You can work 10 hours per week legally

02/10/2016, 08:08 # Caroline

My daughter who is a Zimbabwean citizen is currently studying Industrial Sociology and Labour Studies in South Africa. Can she transfer to a university in Holland? Alternatively, could she complete her bachelors in SA and do her masters in Holland? Info on tuition costs and availability would be appreciated. Thanks.

03/10/2016, 09:44 # staff

Hello, Caroline!
First of all your daughter need to pass IELTS and TOEFL exams if she wants to study in Holland
You can read more about them here:
Note that the candidates from SA who can prove that prior education solely conducted in English can exempted from English exam requirements.
Also be so kind to check the information about admission and available study programmes: - admission - available programmes for master degree.

04/10/2016, 14:18 # George

I'm holding a BE in civil engineering, from an ABET accredited university in Lebanon, i'm a Lebanese citizen, and plannimg to get masters degree in the Holland, should i go through the same procedure of undergraduate students? My first choice is the delft university of technology (masters in construction management and engineering) thank you.

04/10/2016, 15:43 # staff

Hello, George!
A Bachelor's degree diploma is required to apply for a Master programme at any Dutch university.
Candidate's abilities to read, write and converse well in English are also very important because English is the main language used at the universities in the Netherlands.
You can read more about requirements and admission here:
Also you can choose suitable programme for you via our search engine:

08/10/2016, 01:16 # Mohsin Kamran

Which university offers Bachelor in Mechanical engineering? Thanks

10/10/2016, 09:24 # staff

Hello, Mohsin!
You can choose suitable for you study programme here:

12/10/2016, 19:05 # israr

I'm israr from pakistan i want to study in Holland in electonics or electrical engineering . I completed DAE in electronics tell me procedure and fee structure...

13/10/2016, 11:12 # staff

First of all please be so kind to check general admission criteria:
The information about application procedure is below:
You can choose suitable for you study programme via our search engine:

17/10/2016, 13:47 # Manish Thapa

I am a Nepali student who recently got a letter of admission for preparatory semester.But i am confused about the thing that will i again have to pay for admission after the ending of the preparatory course.and also what about the part time jobs?

17/10/2016, 15:03 # staff

You can find more information about working while studying in Holland below:

27/10/2016, 18:30 # Irish

hi I'm Irish
I would like to ask about the tuition and fees of premedical courses like medical science in any school in holland .
Can u please sent a copy or link here .thanks

28/10/2016, 09:09 # staff

Hello, Irish!
You can find all suitable for you courses and study programmes with tuition fees via our search engine:

22/12/2016, 12:12 # Binod

dear madam/sir

I am from Nepal
I have completed my 4 years bachelor's degree in Computer science and Information with 69.12% aggregate, also got 7.0 overall band score in IELTS (not less than 6.0) in any section and have 1 and a half year of working experience as a Java Programmer.
I want to pursue my master in computer science in Holland but don't know much about the universities that offer MS in CS so can u list me some of the universities?
thanks in advance

22/12/2016, 14:58 # staff

Try to search here for study programme:

07/01/2017, 21:35 # Shivansh

I am a computer science engineering graduate with nil work experience. I have represented India in ASIA CUP in Korfball . What are the chances of getting a good college with a scholarship in netherlands?
Thanks in Advance

10/01/2017, 17:06 # staff

We think yes. You have nice achievements.
But getting a scholarship is also depends on you IELTS / TOEFL bands and your reference and motivation letters.

23/01/2017, 13:21 # bikash

Hi . im a nepali student .I want to study Bachelors in hotel management in The Netherlands. .i want to know about total cost of study including living cost there and procedure of how to apply?

23/01/2017, 17:14 # staff

Hello, Bikash!
You can choose suitable for you study programmes here(prices included):
The information about application procedure is below:

05/03/2017, 15:53 # Mohit Dubey


I am Mohit aged 38 years. I left studies after completing my XII from CBSE in year 1996. I want to pursue undergraduate course in agriculture.

Any positive information will be highly appreciated.


07/03/2017, 17:31 # staff

Try to search needed info here:

21/03/2017, 09:23 # Sandrine Ange Iradukunda

I'm a young African female I just finished high school am from Rwanda I've always wanted to study abroad especially in Europe, I had my dreams so high but was challenged by the money one must have to get a visa but if I could get some scholarship even partial I can afford and continue chasing my dreams I want to pursue nursing


21/03/2017, 16:51 # staff

Here you can find all needed information about scholarships and how to get them:

14/06/2017, 22:42 # Evan


I am 29 years old and live in Canada. I have been looking at doing an undergraduate in Business overseas and I have always loved the Netherlands. Is a Canadian High School Diploma recognized for admissions? And what would you say the chances of retaining a job in the Netherlands after graduation? Thanks!

19/06/2017, 17:06 # staff

The information about admission and regarding documents you can find here:
All information about working after graduation you can find here:

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