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Education system in Holland

Graduation at Business School NetherlandsEducation in Holland consists of primary, secondary, and higher study levels. These levels form study routes, leading to various types of degrees. This structure is very flexible and beneficial for students as they can switch their education from one study route to another to solve possible difficulties and achieve their educational goals.

The Dutch education system and its quality standards were implemented by a law issued in 1815. According to that law, every study programme in the country must be accredited by the Government or appropriate organisation.

International secondary education

The Netherlands became the first non-English speaking country that started to offer education for students from abroad. International schools have both Dutch and international streams of primary to secondary education, which distinguishes them from such schools in English-speaking countries where the national-based curricula is prevalent.

In Holland, students can follow programmes based on the curricula of other countries (UK or US) or the specially developed international curricula: International Baccalaureate (IB). All programmes are internationally recognised and enable students to gain access to universities in any country in the world.

Higher education in The Netherlands

When students obtain their secondary school diploma and fulfil the other admission requirements, they can apply for a degree programme at a Dutch university.

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You can read here about grants offered by Dutch organisations and universities:

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