Universities in Holland: types and specifities

VU University Amsterdam, one of Dutch research universitiesDutch universities are divided into 3 main groups: research universities, universities of applied sciences, and institutes for international education and other institutes. Their classification is based on the type and level of study programmes they offer, although all of them have a wide range of education options available in English.

Universities in The Netherlands have offered higher education in English for international students for more than 60 years. They have a reputation for having forefront institutions in the development and introduction of new education methods.

The degrees they provide are highly valued in any country in the world.

Types of universities

  • There are 18 research universities in Holland. Education in these universities is focused on scientific research, but many programmes have practical components as well. Their students can choose between Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programmes in English and have a wide range of options upon graduation, from pursuing an academic career to professional employment.
  • There are also 39 universities of applied sciences which provide students with vocational education and prepare them for a career in certain professions. These universities offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes and many of them are international.
  • 3 institutes for international education (IE) and 10 other institutes in The Netherlands also offer specific higher education in English. The programmes offered are mostly at the Master’s level and are often in cooperation with Dutch research universities. Their study programmes cover a variety of topics, usually related to problems in developing countries.
  • Furthermore, some Dutch universities establish colleges and business schools, which can also be marked as separate groups.

Universities in The Netherlands constantly increase the number of education options in English while maintaining tuition fees at affordable levels. For example, many of them offer programmes starting several times a year, usually in September and in February. These benefits lure even more international students every year from all over the world to come and study in Holland.

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16/10/2012, 21:14 # BWAMAYAMA MABAN NGAMEN Innocent

I am satisfy your programm to continuis my phd in business law

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Read here about PhD studies in Holland and see the list of universities, offering PhD studies:

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I want to study Electrical engineering in English. can you please help me with a university that offer that in English.

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You can search for a suitable study programme via our search engine:

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