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Nowdays most of European education providers keep looking for effective communication tools which transmit relevant educational information to potential students. Operating on Russian-speaking market, "Eurogates" provides a tailor-made promotion service to Dutch universities assisting them in achieving this goal.

Our final aim is to help Dutch educational institution in accessing of talented potential students, and reliable partners -recruitment bureaus working on educational market. We offer a wide range of effective marketing solutions, combining traditional and modern methodes and permanent work on optimalization and innovation of our marketing portfolio.

"Eurogates" is an active link between Russian-speaking society and Holland. We committed to do our best to make your entire markeing project a successful one. We offer professional comprehensive advice and service for any marketing budget.


  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF ON EUROGATES: use our website as a meet point with your potential students

As known, approximately 200 mln. inhabitants of the globe speak Russian, which is considered as the forth speaking language in the world. Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other formal Soviet Union republics, are the main audience of our website. Although Russian - speaking inhabitants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, USA and other countries also come here in order to gain information on education in Holland.

We update the site content daily with news from Europe and Dutch universities and attract about 1200 visitors per day. That's why the site serves as reliable information source for prospective students, their parents and also for recruiters which need to be feeded with the latest information from Dutch educational world.


  • ADVERTISE ON GOOGLE.ru: reach more potential students who surving on Russian internet

No matter what your budget, we compose adverts in Russian and run your adverts on Google.ru and its advertising network.

When people search on Google using one of keywords related with your educaitonal instituition, your ad may appear next to the search results. In this case we advertise to an audience that's already interested in your university and its study programmes.


  • ADVERTISE ON EDUCATIONAL RUSSIAN SITES: reach more potential students

There are several serious and popular educational websites within Ru domein, where your adverts also can be placed.We can negotiate and run advert campaign for your educational institution.



We can access the leading educational magazines and provide you with their examples and statistics, negotiate your advert campaign and compose required publishing materials.




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