Health insurance for students in Holland

When you are planning to stay in the Netherlands for studying purposes, you could consider opting for a Dutch healthcare insurance. Being properly insured is of great importance and the Dutch healthcare system can provide you with all the care you might need.

In some cases it is even obligatory to get a Dutch healthcare insurance, to find out whether you are obliged to get a Dutch healthcare insurance you can have a look at the Student Healthcare Insurance website.

Moreover, the Dutch healthcare system is different from the healthcare system in your home country. Therefore it is advisable to get yourself informed before you pack your bags and go to the Netherlands.

Basic healthcare insurance

When you decide to get insured at a Dutch insurance company, you will primarily get a basic healthcare package. The Dutch government has set certain rules for these packages and the basic package is the same at every insurance company. Medical care like hospital admission, psychotherapy and maternity care are covered in this basic package.

Supplementary healthcare insurance

In addition you might want to consider a supplementary insurance. With this extra insurance you are able to get additional coverage for various things such as dental care and alternative medicines. The packages and their prices differ per insurance company. Therefore it is wise to compare all the different offers and options. See more information in English on

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Before you leave your country to study abroad, remember to get yourself the EHIC. This is not some kind of necessary vaccination, but it is a ‘European Health Insurance Card’. With this EHIC you are able to receive the necessary healthcare in the Netherlands at the same costs as its inhabitants.

Get in contact with the insurance company in your home country and ask them if you can obtain the EHIC before you hop on the plane to the Netherlands.

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