Preparatory programmes in Holland

Many degree programmes at universities in Holland for international students are taught in English. In order to enter a programme and to complete an intended study successfully, all foreign students must have a good command of English language.

In order to facilitate enrollment to undergraduate and graduate courses Dutch universities developed preparatory, or foundation programmes for students coming from other countries.

Preparatory or Foundation courses

Preparatory courses last 2 tol 12 months. The main goals of these programmes are:

  • upgrade knowledge of English language and prepare candidates for the IELTS exam. If the chosen programme will be taught in Dutch, prepare students for the Dutch language exam (NT2 - Dutch as a second language);
  • improve knowledge of the subjects required for the basic course;
  • smoother transition ffrom the second school to the higher school;
  • minimize adaptation problems for newcomers.

Preparatory programmes gives foreign students the best chance to succeed. Important to know that a preparatory year is not compulsory and during this year students are not always considered matriculated students.

Tuition fees of preparatory courses depend on its length, knowledge level of candidates and type of university.

More information about preparatory programmes at the universities of applied sciences the Netherlands:

Admission to the preparatory programme

If the chosen education programme taught in Dutch, students should master Dutch language properly. A good knowledge of some main subjects is sometimes also required for those who want to study at a university in Holland.

Some universities in Holland ask foreign students to prove their ability by passing one or more entrance examinations. Only then admission at a university in the Netherlands can be obtained. The entrance examinations should not be taken lightly. Past experience has shown that only students who have prepared themselves thoroughly have a chance to pass these entrance examinations.

Admission requirements:

  • a letter of pre-registration and acceptance for a Dutch university;
  • diploma or certificate of secondary school or higher education (with list of subjects and hours per subject);
  • a good command of English, both in speaking and in writing (paper-based TOEFL score 500, TOEFL internet based 60 or IELTS 5 or similar level).

See Preparatory courses (start dates and prices) in our programmes database.

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