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Eurogates offers a wide range of possibilities to introduce universities and business schools to English - speaking audience of our website. Moreover we promote your educational institution among the 280 mln Russian-speaking population worldwide. Hereby you can find the list of promotion options for your educational institution via our portal. 

1. How we can introduce your institution via our website "Eurogates"

1.1 Marker and list of universities on the 'Universities' pages.

We place a marker pointing position of your university on the Google map. The university name will be placed at the right side of the map. The marker contents logo of the university. On click the size of the marker will be increased and the position of the university will be more visible. At the same moment the university name will be highlighted. 

1.2 Introduction text in the window on home page

The text presents your school/ university  and logo of the university on the Dutch map. See examples of the first page.

1.3 The full profile information in the window on home page

The text presents your school/ university and logo of the university. The links to the news, scholarships, programmes and student stories.

1.4 News and Newsletters

Twice a week we distribute information about the study programmes and educational institutions in our newsletters ( in English and Russian languages). The newsletters are distributed among 10,000 subscribes. In the newsletters we able also to place banners, photo's and adverts about your school. The reading audience consists of students, parents, employees of schools and educational recruitment bureaus.

1.5  We can include your study programmes in our searching database.

We have created a searching database (see Programmes) which is accessible from different points of the sites. We place in the database the special information about the study programmes: name, level, field, prices, start and dead line application dates. The searching programme page in Russian is one of most visited page of our site.

1.6. We can place your banners on our site

We are able to place the banners of different sizes. You can provide us with your own banners or we can create them for you in Russian and in English. In this case we can place different banners on the both versions of the site.

  • 468/60 - large
  • 206/49 - normal

2. Advertising via searching engines:

  • Google.ru Adwords
  • Yandex Direct
  • Begun

Using highly effective advertising programmes  which offers wide range of promotion possibilities for companies via internet. We are able to set up and maintain an advertisement campaign for your institution in Russian and in English ( if necessary).

We can compose and run:

  • text adverts in Russian
  • graphical adverts (banners) which can be run in www.google.ru
  • video

3. Russian newspapers, magazines and educational websites 

We can place advertisements on newspapers and magazines.

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