Reference letter for Master programme in Applied Physics

Here is an example of reference (recommendation) letter for a student applied for a scholarship for a study Master's programme of Applied Physics.

Reference letter 17 November 2006

To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this reference at the request of Ms. Kate Johnson who is applying for a programme at your university. I have known Ms. Johnson for one year when I was teaching at Engineering Physics Institute.

Ms. Kate Johnson has been taking the course of Positron emission tomography and she has earned excellent grades. As part of her education in Positron emission tomography, she was suggested to participate in special project. Kate has evinced her capability, vitality and dependability during this project.

Ms.Johnson was a leader of group and succeeded in it. Her group showed the best results at the end of project. This evidence proved her abilities to organize, control research and analyze the results of the research. Based on Kate’s grades, excellent attendance and class participation, I would rate her academic performance in my class as outstanding and I would highly recommend Ms.Kate Johnson for education abroad. I believe that Ms.Johnson will be able to bring a significant scientific input during her study at the Dutch university. Please consider her for admission to your scholarship program.

Sincerely yours,

Professor John Smith

Engineering State University Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics

Email :

Phone: +999 123 456 45

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