Reference letter for a student applying for Computer Sciences programme

An example of reference (recommendation) letter, written for a student applying for a computer sciences programme at a Dutch university.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby I send you a reference letter for John Smith. I have known John Smith for the past 7 semesters as his professor and as his programming trainer. John Smith has taken the following courses I taught:

  • Computer science (1st, and 2nd terms, description: algorithm and algorithms system conceptions; programming language and data structure conceptions; organization of computer systems; computer architecture conception and basic types of computer architectures)
  • Computer practical work (2nd and 4th terms, description: programming practical work)
  • Algorithms and data structures (3rd and 4th terms, description: basic types of algorithms, their complexity and use in problem solving; basic types of data structures, their complexity and use in problem solving; dynamic programming; greedy algorithms)
  • Additional chapter of algorithms theory (5th term, description: more complex and specific algorithms, their complexity and use in problem solving; more specific data structures, their complexity and use in problem solving; pattern matching; algorithms on graphs, trees and networks)
  • Computation practical work (5th term, description: practical work in applied problems solving)

He has achieved excellent results in these courses – passed all proposed tests, practical works and showed excellent knowledge of both practical and theoretical material. This is evidenced by his marks. John showed great interest in the subject, was actively participating in the lectures and showed willingness and ability to study material beyond limits of the courses.

John Smith first took part in a university programming contest after his 1st term in the university and showed good results for a first-year student. Shortly after this, he and 2 other students from his specialization formed a programming team, which very soon has become the strongest team of the XXXXXX region by the ACM ICPC rules. This team showed high results in international competitions as well by taking 1th place in ACM ICPC NEERC Western Subregional Contest in year 2007 and 2rd place in the same competition in year 2008.

As John’s programming trainer and professor I can tell, that he has proved to have a divergent, abstract thinking style, native intelligence and good problem solving skills, along with good interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. He also has abilities to handle conflicts and work in a team, which came to be important in ACM programming.

John regularly helps me in organizing and carrying out programming competitions for schoolchildren. He showed himself as a reliable, ready to help person with a good ability to communicate with people of different ages. Based on my professional experience, I evaluate John Smith  as an intelligent, respectful, purposeful and initiative person and recommend him for acceptance for chosen Master program.

I believe that he will perform well in the chosen program and will prove to be a great value of your institution. I am convinced, that education in your university will be a great opportunity for the student to develop further his abilities in scientific and research areas. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.


Prof. S. Smith

XXXXXX University Associate professor of Applied Mathematics Department
Email address:
Phone number: +1 123 456 789

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