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Study grants in Holland — Finding scholarships for Dutch institutions

Every year, universities in The Netherlands and the Dutch government provide scholarships for talented and motivated students from abroad. These scholarships are available for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes and can fully or partially cover their tuition fees.

Scholarships that fully cover tuition fees

Several Research Universities in The Netherlands support outstanding students by covering all the expenses of their education. Students can study for free at the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, University of Twente, Radboud University Nijmegen, TU Eindhoven, and some other universities.

Tuition-free higher education is also available at Dutch University Colleges, for example, at the Amsterdam University College, founded by Amsterdam Universities, UvA and VU.

Scholarships that cover part of the education cost

Many universities in Holland also offer grants that partially cover the tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

Scholarships for undergraduate courses usually can make up to half of the programme’s cost and range from 500 to 3,500 euros per year. Such scholarships are usually offered by universities of applied sciences to non-EU/EEA students.

Scholarships for graduate programmes can cover up to 75% of all study and living expenses for selected candidates. They are usually offered by research universities.

You can search for available scholarships in our ‘programmes’ section by selecting your chosen programme (see example of scholarships). Descriptions of grants per university can also be found in our ‘blog’ section.

Grants from Dutch organisations

European and Dutch organisations Nuffic logoalso offer several bursaries for foreign students who would like to come to study in Holland. For instance, in order to help foreign students fund their studies in The Netherlands, Nuffic, a Dutch governmental organisation, offers and manages several scholarship programmes for eligible and worthy candidates from all over the world.

Nuffic scholarships

  • China programme

The China Programme caters to meritorious Chinese candidates to help them carry out studies or research in The Netherlands. Up to 25 scholarships are awarded per year. This programme also helps in student exchange schemes between China and The Netherlands.

  • Erasmus programme

Designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration between academic institutes in the EU, the Erasmus Programme is a part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. An Erasmus scholarship can be used to sponsor a part of education in another EU country as well.

  • Erasmus Mundus programme

Also a part of the European Commission, this program is designed to enhance the quality of higher education in European states and encourage participation from non-EU countries through joint Master’s degree programmes that are available at partner institutions in other European states.

  • MENA Scholarship Programme

The MENA Scholarship Programme provides scholarships to one hundred and twenty working professionals each year. These scholarships are well distributed amongst partner countries. Female students are eligible for nearly half of the scholarships.

  • Netherlands Fellowship Programmes

These scholarships are meant to increase the capacity within organizations in 62 countries by offering financial help to train working professionals at a mid-career level. The funding for NFP is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Initially launched for Chinese students in 2008, this programme is now also functioning in Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan. It helps bright students to pursue their Master’s level programmes.

  • Science without Borders Holland Programme

The Science without Borders Holland Programme provides two hundred scholarships annually to Brazilian students for studying a science subject in The Netherlands for one semester or one academic session at the undergraduate level.

  • StuNed Scholarships

This scholarship provides funding for Master’s programmes and short courses in the development-related fields for Indonesian professionals with two or more years of working experience in this area.

  • Tempus Programme

The Tempus Programme allows some universities from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans, and the Mediterranean region to establish partnerships with the EU and to offer bursaries to exchange students within these partnerships.

IB-Groep Loans from the Dutch government

Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are eligible for the tuition fee loan (about € 266 a month) from the Dutch government. This student grant must be paid back within 10 years after graduation unless the student works 32 hours per month during their studies. See the website for more information.

There are also grants for US citizens who want to study in Holland, such as the Fulbright U.S. Student Programme.

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Comments (230) Comment the article

23/06/2013, 15:01 # bezing kingsley

i will love to study in any of the provided school

19/06/2013, 16:20 # Clench Jane Damalerio Amistad

Aloha :) this is really great. It can help lots of people especially to the less fortunate one.I am a female student from Philippines and I am a graduating student. Then, one of my dreams in life is to study abroad. But unfortunately we can't afford because we don't have any. But GOD is good I know He'll help me to achieve this dream of mine, which is to study abroad and i found that this one would be the answer to my .Prayers/ I would love to join one of universities here and I have a good grades and I'm one of the Top students of the class. Is there any scholarship program available? I'm going to take a medicine course. What is the requirements for me to avail the scholarship? thank you and God bless :)

06/07/2013, 22:40 # staff

Look here and pay attention to programmes with a note: "grants available".

21/07/2013, 05:27 # SUNGURA ADAM, B

I am a male student from Tanzanian pursuing bachelor degree in population and development plan 2010-2013, after completing my study i wish to undertake a master degree to ne of universities for demographic study but i cant afford over all financial requirement for fees and other necessities. I have reasonable GPA to request the position. so please i need help

23/10/2013, 11:59 # teshome demissie abo

i'm very happy if get scholarship for msc in animal science and nutrition.

23/10/2013, 16:11 # staff

Hi Teshome Demissie Abo,
Here are programmes with scholarships:

14/06/2013, 08:48 # Bezawit

That is great. I am a female student from Ethiopia and I would love to join one of universities but I can't afford it. So I'm wondering if there are any scholarship programs available. I want to study medicine and I have good grades.And what is required of me to get one?

14/06/2013, 14:46 # staff

Dear Bezawit,

Look here for programmes:!/degree=academic_master&search=medicine

11/06/2013, 21:38 # mekereselase eshete

if it be so i would like to study i know my dream will came true

27/05/2013, 19:43 # Simon Kiondo

I love to study in Holland, Universities and because I have bachelor of IT I would now like to study Masters of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), I will be have to be one of the Selected students.Because I would like to work in the Tanzanian National Parks.

27/05/2013, 23:26 # staff

Hi Simon,

Please look here:!/search=Geographical

17/05/2013, 08:04 # Tewelde Beraki Gebreyohannes

i am lucky if i were one of them selected

12/05/2013, 20:42 # ndode henry ngole

i love to go holland and i want to learn law in the university of Amsterdam

27/05/2013, 23:28 # staff

Here are programmes in Law:!/univ=university-amsterdam&search=law

28/08/2013, 10:32 # ALI YUSSUF ALI

Hello ! my name is Ali Yussuf. I`m Tanzania from the Islands of Zanzibar.I`m a degree holder in law.I would like to join masters degree from any recognized university but the problem is finance.So it will be grateful to me If I get a sponsor to study masters degree in law.

Hopping to hear from you soon

28/08/2013, 22:42 # staff

Hi Ali Yussuf Ali,
Please select here Master programmes in Law!/degree=academic_master&search=law
Here is a programme with a scholarship:

11/05/2013, 11:21 # Tewelde beraki

Life is the result of our daily activity

11/05/2013, 11:19 # Tewelde beraki


11/05/2013, 11:17 # Tewelde beraki

God knows if i will be select by holland university

03/05/2013, 09:25 # mahamed

i will be very happy if i go holland

01/05/2013, 09:53 # mohammoudyasin

i would like to be one of that people who get scholarships in Holland and i am very proud to get that chance

29/04/2013, 06:47 # kifle asrat

animal production management

17/05/2013, 09:53 # eurogates

Look here for programmes related to Animal Studies:

27/04/2013, 15:26 # irfan ullah

this is fantistic

23/04/2013, 15:07 # getachew rabira bekana

I need scholarship

23/04/2013, 15:55 # staff

Look for programmes: and select one with grants available.

16/10/2013, 10:14 # tihtina

I am from Ethiopia. And BA holder in Urban-planning.Now i am working in municipality of Addis Ababa as urban planner . So to continue my MA program, i would like to be one of that people who get scholarships in Holland and i am very proud to get that chance.

04/11/2013, 23:38 # staff

Hi Tihtina,
Here are programmes in Urban planning:!/search=urban. Please select programmes with a note 'grants are available'.

03/07/2013, 17:40 # Muluken Molla

My name is Muluken Molla. I am from Ethiopia. I am so interested to attained continue Masters of Sciences I have scored good result in the undergraduate class, but I could't find any sponsorship so that if I get it I am so interested.

04/07/2013, 07:39 # Dejene Dandena Gulti

I am from Ethiopia. And BA holder in sociology and social anthropology with 3.9 CG PA. Now i am working as anthropologist in Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage. So to continue my MA program i face finance challenge. Can you give me free sponsorship program?

06/07/2013, 22:43 # eurogates

Look here:!/search=heritage

07/07/2013, 09:21 # anwar ul hassan

I belongs to a very poor family in Pakistan. I,m too much curious to learn in abroad, but being hand to mouth my parents are not in position to make my aim true. I did my D.Com in 80% marks and now waiting for the result of part 2nd. I want to get a chance to make my life superior. I'm waiting for yours kind reply.

19/07/2013, 12:43 # staff

You need to select a programme here: Pay attention to a note "grants are available".

08/07/2013, 16:15 # Simon M. Daffa

Iam from the newest nation Republic of South Sudan in poor minority tribe. graduate of 2013 at Mekane Yesus Seminary in Leadership and Development Study with accumulation or student GPR 3.33 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

I therefore, remain looking forward to go for second degree which is MA but failed due to lack of support from my parent. Thus, your program look so much interesting to me; and that if and only if you could make my sound be blessed by almighty God.

I will remain looking forward to hear from your esteemed office.
With best regards.

10/07/2013, 14:51 # unice bills

lm from cameroon and l wish to study with you

19/07/2013, 12:42 # staff

Look here:

15/07/2013, 09:56 # martin ngulefac

please my family is poor. I really need scholarship.i am a good student

24/07/2013, 11:20 # staff

Hi Martin,

Look here and select a course with a note: "grants available".

17/07/2013, 20:51 # ayuk elizabeth

i am a professional student from Cameroon and i will be very grateful to have your support in order to further my education

06/07/2013, 22:53 # eurogates

You need to select a programme here: Pay attention to a note "grants are available".

18/07/2013, 08:58 # Mulugeta Negesu

I am from Ethiopia . I am graduated by bachelor degree of business management and interest to upgrade my education to MA in any management related fields. please advice me in away can gate free scholarship in Holland.

19/07/2013, 12:40 # staff

Look here for Master programmes in Business and Management:!/degree=academic_master&search=business

23/07/2013, 07:09 # kayemba charles

i have a dream to be there too. God is able

20/07/2013, 14:52 # Ahmed Gasim

i would like to be one of that people who get scholarships in Holland and i am very proud to get that chance.i am from sudan, i have bachelor in engineering i hope to get free scholarship in Holand.

26/07/2013, 18:03 # staff

Look here!/degree=applied_master,academic_master&search=engineering and select courses with a note 'grants are available.

23/07/2013, 09:10 # Muluye Melak

My name is Muluye Melak. I am from Ethiopia. I am working at one of the known university of Ethiopia,University of Gondar as a lecturer of Organic Chemistry. I am so interested to attained continue Masters of Sciences in any related filed of chemistry in Holland. I have scored good result in the undergraduate and graduate ( MSc) class. I'm waiting for yours kind reply.

with best regards!!

24/07/2013, 10:47 # staff

Hi Muluye,
You can look here:!/degree=academic_master&search=chemistry

23/07/2013, 18:01 # adane

i am from ethiopia geting scholarship in Holland is my earliest wish i have B.ED in education

24/07/2013, 08:48 # staff

Look here:
This programmes have scholarships.

23/07/2013, 18:12 # Ayoub Mtekateka

Hi! I'm a Tanzania young male, I graduated Advanced Secondary Education in 2012 and obtained Division II in my studies.
I could not be able to join in University due to lack of fund. I, therefore looking for a sponsor who can help me to pursue for my bachelor of Mass Communication which is of my interest. I'm looking forward hearing you soon.

24/07/2013, 08:28 # staff

You can find for available scholarships in our ‘programmes’ section:

26/07/2013, 17:58 # staff

Hi Ayoub,

Please find here programmes in Communication and pay attention to a note "grants are available".!/search=communication

24/07/2013, 09:55 # Hamid Durani

I really love to go Holland and learn Business Administration in Amestardam University, which is my dream

25/07/2013, 17:19 # staff

Hi Hamid,
Look here for programmes:!/fos=business-and-economics&degree=academic_master&city=Amsterdam&search=business

24/07/2013, 18:56 # lokii simon

i love holland and wish i get there one day

25/07/2013, 09:24 # abiyu abera

I like to study in Holland my dream it comes true I have degree in land administration so how can i get masters program. The field of GIS,or land related fields.

25/07/2013, 17:14 # staff

Hi Abiyu,
Please look here for programmes:!/univ=wageningen-university&search=GIS!/univ=wageningen-university&search=land

26/07/2013, 14:17 # isaac

my name is isaac from ethiopia. i was graduated in BA degree psychology with good CGPA. i want to get scholarship for masters in psychology. please kindly help me to get in touch. with due respect.

26/07/2013, 15:12 # staff

Hi Isaac,

Look here for programmes in Psychology:!/search=psych and pay attention to programmes with a note 'grants are available'.

27/07/2013, 18:02 # Lemessa Muleta

I am from Ethiopia, I have Bsc. in natural Resource management from Madawalabu university and I have CGPA 3.95 & I awarded gold medal in July, 2011.

In addition I have advanced Diploma in Meteorology science from Arbaminch University. So, I want to continue masters program and request your help in order to get the chance of scholarship in related field of studies. thank you!

27/07/2013, 21:34 # staff

Hi Lemessa Muleta,
Look here for programmes in your field:!/fos=natural-sciences-and-it,nature
Pay attention to programmes with a note 'grants are available'.

27/07/2013, 18:54 # etta

i will be very happy if am selected i have good grades in my country and i doubt if they have what i studied. i did education and minor in geography, am a cameroonian and will be very pleased if am selected

27/07/2013, 21:31 # staff

Hi Etta,
Here are programmes in Education:!/fos=education

28/07/2013, 04:23 # atta

I really would like to have chance to be one of that people who get scholarships in Holland, i am very proud and pleasure to get that chance. i am from palestine/Gaza

29/07/2013, 14:20 # Tenanesh Antoni

I am looking forward to be included on this Scholarship. if God will i\be.

29/07/2013, 13:35 # guest

i really need scholarships on automotive engineering for masters program in Holland, on this time I'm graduated mechanical engineering in design stream. i really really need this chance.

29/07/2013, 14:30 # staff

Look here:!/univ=tu-eindhoven,university-twente&search=automative

29/07/2013, 15:00 # Nelson Nicolas

I really need scholarships on public health in Holland. on this time i am graduated in Environmental Health. i hope 100%, i will get as soon a chance. i bless a God.

31/07/2013, 10:35 # staff

Hi Nelson,
Look here for programmes in Public Health:!/fos=behaviour-and-social-culture,medicine-and-health-care&univ=vu-university-amsterdam&search=Public%20Health

29/07/2013, 19:53 # ayana bulcha

I was graduated in English language and I am teaching the language at this time.I like to go to Holland and study there my second degree in,please kindly help me since I can't to continue my education because of my economical background

29/07/2013, 21:12 # staff

Hi Ayana,
Look here:

30/07/2013, 10:47 # Girma moges

i will be graduate in Dental medicine in the coming year from JImma university(ethiopia).its my dream to continue further study in oral and maxillofacial surgery,its a great privilage for me if i get this scholarship in holland.

30/07/2013, 22:38 # staff

Hi Girma,
For programmes in Dentistry look or

30/07/2013, 15:32 # Katebe Mapipo

I am a female Zambian citizen and I've just completed and graduated with an IB diploma. I have an immense desire to study in Holland, and achieve a Bachelors degree in Economics, but I'm greatly restricted financially. I would be very grateful if I'm considered for a scholarship. Kindly assist me. Thank you.

30/07/2013, 17:14 # staff

Hi Katebe,
Look here for scholarships offered by Amsterdam University College for excellent students:

31/07/2013, 11:55 # WATTI TOM

Am a male student from Uganda completing my studies at Uganda Christian University pursuing training to teach Geography and History. After completing my studies, I wish to pursue a masters degree but do not have tuition to support me meet my dream because am an orphan. So am requesting for a scholarship in any of the Universities in Holland. I will be very grateful if my request is considered.Thanks

01/08/2013, 08:09 # staff

Hi Watti,
Please look at the following selection:!/search=geography
The last 2 programmes have scholarships.

31/07/2013, 14:35 # Solomon W

I am solomon from Ethiopia and i will be graduated in Educational leadership and managment in MA program , and i would be very happy if i have a chance to study in Holland in any related fields of education in MA/PHD.

31/07/2013, 21:02 # staff

Hi Solomon,
Look here for Master programmes in Education fields:!/degree=academic_master&fos=education&search=education

06/08/2013, 15:34 # fikre haile

I am fikre haile from one of the developing country ( ETHIOPIA) , i have strong interest to continue my post gradute in holand on water resource engineering and i have graduated in applied geology and have 9 years work experiance , thus i would be very happy , if i have get a chance in your country .

fikre haile
thank you in advance

06/08/2013, 21:22 # staff

Hi Fikre,
You can look here:!/degree=academic_master&search=water

06/08/2013, 20:54 # shiba

hullo, am shiba from Uganda,do you offer any course in culinary arts? would love to do it in Holland, i have a bachelors degree in Development studies majoring in economics.

06/08/2013, 21:07 # staff

You can look here:!/univ=hague-university-applied-sciences&search=food or here!/search=hotel

10/08/2013, 10:23 # hariyat mamo

hi zs is hariyat from ethiopia i have digree in managment but i need to up grade my education and i need to take a cource of busness managment in holand hope you will have nice responce for my future objective thank you

13/08/2013, 07:28 # staff

Hi Hariyat,

Look here for programmes in Management!/degree=applied_master,academic_master&search=management

13/08/2013, 12:43 # modestus elias

cant i join study while i am a form six leaver?

15/08/2013, 10:58 # staff

Please read admission requirements:

14/08/2013, 12:14 # matoch makur

How are you members? Iam a south sudanese undergraduate student looking for scholarship to aid my studies for a bright future. Iam 20 years old by nationality, a student studying in Uganda.
I left sudan since 1994 when civil war was still on and now iam studying hence in Uganda.
Therefore, my big problems is the issue of school fees given the financial constrains that iam in. However, my request to you is to support me with education financial assistance. Iam done with MBA certificate, but my parents could not afford to keep me at school any more. please members, iam requested you kindly to help me out because up to this moment, i falied to continue studing due to lack of school fees.
I will be very pleased if your organisation consider my problem and get supported.
I will also be glade if you would favoure me with a reply.
many thanks, I look forward to hear from you soon.

21/08/2013, 22:20 # staff

Please look here:

17/08/2013, 19:34 # Wepngong Maureen Kiki

i just obtained my 3 advanced level papers and i would love to study in Holland even though i can't afford, what can i do?

18/08/2013, 11:46 # staff

Hi Wepngong Maureen Kiki,

If you an excellent student you can apply for the grant of Amsterdam University College.

18/08/2013, 02:03 # muhammad ali

I'm Muhammad Ali from jordan, 29 years old , I have master degree in mathematics from mutah university in jordan , I need chance to complete my study (phd in mathematics) , what my chance in hoolland , please helpe me I need that really to change my life and develop my skills in research. Thanks

18/08/2013, 11:39 # staff

Hi Muhammad Ali,
Here is information about financing of PhD studies Holland:

18/08/2013, 10:26 # Sami

I'm Sami from Afghanistan, I'v got my bachelore degree in English Literature form one of well-known Universities of my country, I know how much services did the Holland people,for vulnerable Afghans, I have dearm to get my MA about the Historical Culture of Holland citizen in one of Holland universities. If you change my dearm to real, supose you grant me the world!

18/08/2013, 11:18 # staff

Hi Sami,
Please select a programme here:!/degree=academic_master&univ=erasmus-university-rotterdam,leiden-university,maastricht-university,tilburg-university,university-amsterdam,university-groningen,vu-university-amsterdam&search=history

19/08/2013, 20:39 # tifu carine mbah

hello sir,i am carine and a cameroonian by nationality .i hold a Bachelor degree in Economics and will like to further my studies through a scholarship program .i will be gratefull if a can be fit in, in any of the scholarsips that are available for master programs because i have a very good GPA.

21/08/2013, 22:26 # staff

Hi Carine,
Look here for a programme with scholarship:!/fos=business-and-economics&degree=academic_master&univ=vu-university-amsterdam

26/08/2013, 09:54 # Kassahun Enkosa

I'm Kassahun from Ethiopia , I've got my bachelor degree in Ethiopian local language (Afan Oromo & Literature ) from one of well-known Universities of my country, I have three years experience in teaching the language as a subject. I have dream to get in language. PLEASE SUPPORT ME!!!

26/08/2013, 14:53 # staff

Hi Kassahun Enkosa,

Look here for a programme with a grant available:

28/08/2013, 09:44 # Kassahun Enkosa

ok thanks

28/08/2013, 14:23 # ronald musonda

my name is Ronald Musonda from Zambia i am a university graduate, ive a Bsc Environmental Health, am asking for yo help,i want a scholarship for Masters in public Health

28/08/2013, 22:00 # staff

Hi Ronald,
Here are a programme with a scholarship:

29/08/2013, 09:29 # yazie birara hunyalew

I have is great eager ti join . I am a male student from Ethiopia and I would love to join one of universities but I can't afford it. So I'm wondering if there are any scholarship programs available. I want to study leader ship or medicine and I have good commitment . And what is required of me to get one? I have DIPLOMaA of maths, chemistry, physics(10+3)

30/08/2013, 11:07 # staff

Hi Yazie,
All medical Bachelor programmes in the Netherlands are in Dutch. There are no full scholarships for Bachelor programmes.
You can look on Radboud University site:

30/08/2013, 09:01 # eshetu yimer

I am eshetu yimer I have Masters Degree on adult and Life Long Learning With 3.46 GPA and now I am working on ministry of Education.I am interested to attained in your university on the department of environmental studies

30/08/2013, 11:02 # staff

Hi Eshetu,
Look for programmes here:!/univ=wageningen-university,van-hall-larenstein-applied-sciences&search=envir

01/09/2013, 16:22 # Adane Mamo

I would like to be one of that people who get scholarships in Holland and I am very proud to get that chance.I am from Ethiopia,I have bachelor in English language.I hope I could to get free scholarship in Holand.
Thank you in advance

05/09/2013, 22:38 # staff

Hi Adame,

Look here:

03/09/2013, 06:32 # FLORA MREMA

i am a female student form Tanzania, completed a bachellor degree in Commerce and Management majoring in Finance, i wish to parsue my masters degree of International Trade in Holland but finaciaaly i can not afford, i have hon GPA, I need your help please.

05/09/2013, 20:55 # staff

Hi Flora,

look here:

03/09/2013, 06:57 # alnazeer

Hi, I am alnazeer agricultural engineer i work in the ministry of agriculture (khartoum state ). i have a bachelor honor in agricultural extension and rural development. I need a chance to complete my my tower dream in a home of a tulip flower.

thank you

03/09/2013, 12:02 # staff

Please find here selection of programmes in Agriculture:!/degree=applied_master&search=agri

04/09/2013, 10:49 # Dugasa Gerenfes Denussa

I am from Ethiopia and Bsc holder in applied chemistry with 3.44 cGPA . Now, I am working as researcher in EIAR/at kulumsa Agricultural research center. Soto continue my Msc program I face finance challenge. can you give me free sponsorship program?

10/09/2013, 20:08 # staff

Hi Dugasa,
Here is a selection of programme in Agriculture:!/fos=agriculture-and-environment&degree=applied_master&univ=van-hall-larenstein-applied-sciences!/fos=agriculture-and-environment&degree=academic_master
Almost of all of them have grants.
For instance, here:

04/09/2013, 11:36 # my name is oriye gideon

please am a nigerian,i would love to have a scholarship from you guys,how do i get started?

05/09/2013, 22:41 # staff

Select a programme here:

04/09/2013, 14:35 # Desalegn Firo

my name is Desalegn Firo from Ethiopia i am a university graduate, i have a BA Economics, am asking for yo help,i want a scholarship for Masters in economics.

05/09/2013, 20:57 # staff

Here is a programme with a grant

07/09/2013, 11:19 # Motsamai Molikoe

Hi, I Motsamai Molikoe from Lesotho. I work as Assistant Administrator in the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship, I would love to be part of the people who get scholarships in Holland and I am very proud to get that chance.I have bachelor degree in English language and development studies.I hope I could to get free scholarship in Holland.
Thank you in advance

09/09/2013, 08:31 # staff

Hi Motsamai,
Here are programmes:

08/09/2013, 18:35 # yousif alem

hello my name is yousif alem i am a university graduate aeronautical engineering in sudan , i am need scholarship master in aeronautical , but i am not get IELTS OR TOEFL. plz help me.

09/09/2013, 08:24 # staff

Hi Yousif,
You need to pass TOEFL or IELTS exams and get necessary score in order to enter a Dutch university.
Read here:

12/09/2013, 16:10 # Emmanuel Duke

my name is Emmanuel Duke am a Nigerian but i am a second year student currently studying economics and business marketing at the university of Georgia in Tbilisi (eastern europe). I would love to know of the availability of a scholarship in any field relating to business and finance. I have very good grades and a lot of innovative ideas and i am just 20 years old.

12/09/2013, 17:58 # staff

Hi Emmanuel,
Here are the programmes with grants partially covering tuition fees:!/degree=applied_bachelor,academic_bachelor&search=business

14/09/2013, 16:30 # messay melkamu

that is great! i am Ethiopian girl and i want to study medicine. Now i have good grade in computer science but i want to improve my education level so please help me!

15/09/2013, 09:02 # staff

Medical programmes in Holland are taught in Dutch. In this case you need to pass Dutch language test NT2. Read here:

16/09/2013, 11:33 # kefelegn

I am kefelegn seyoum from Ethiopia.
it is the best website. I like it so much so as to find my scholarship in animal production and health for PhD level.
For the seak of my first and second degree CGPA I have an interesting grade.
please help me in looking for the PhD programme

16/09/2013, 21:39 # staff

Please read here about PhD in Holland:
Here are universities specialized in fields of animal production:!/degree=academic_master&search=animal

16/09/2013, 14:33 # Christina Henjewele

My name is Christina, I am a Tanzanian and Government employee, I have BA in Sociology. I am interested to study masters of science in Governance and Development but the problem is I am not financial well. Can you help me to get scholarship

16/09/2013, 21:33 # staff

Hi Christina,
Look here for programme with scholarship:

16/09/2013, 16:52 # Mikiyas Tesfaye

am a male student from Ethiopia pursuing bachelor degree in Tourism and hotel management 2007-2010, after completing my study i wish to undertake a master degree to one of universities for Tourism and hotel studies but i cant afford over all financial requirement for fees and other necessities. . so please i need help.What am i suppose to do to get the chance.............please help me.

16/09/2013, 17:52 # staff

Hi Mikiyas,
Look here:

19/09/2013, 10:10 # MELESE ERATO

I am Melese Erato and I have BA degree in english language and literature. I am looking to get scholarship in master related fields. journalism, literature,politicalsciecnce and public relation

29/10/2013, 18:00 # staff

Hi Melese,
Here is a programme with a scholarship:

19/09/2013, 13:02 # elsabet assefa

hello everyone i am elsabet from Ethiopia i just wanna join Holland university i graduated soon by geography and envtal mgt and i need to continue master but i cant afford the financial requirement would u pleas help me

29/10/2013, 18:01 # staff

Hi Elsabet,
Here is a programme with a grant:

19/09/2013, 14:45 # Tedla Erkalo

Firstly,i would like to say thanks for your help.I am Tedla Erkalo from Ethiopia.I have bachelor degree in Civil engineering from Arbaminch University. Currently i am working as assistant lecturer in Wachemo university. I want to study masters in structural engineering in addition i have also interest in the area of bridge design so i would be grateful if you can contact me about free scholarship position in any available universities there in Holland.

29/10/2013, 18:10 # staff

Hi Tedla,
Look here:

26/09/2013, 08:49 # Marew

I look the program of the your scholarship within attention manner and a like too much. I graduated in 2013 GC in Hawassa University, ETHIOPIA in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering of BSc degree. if You accept my interest, I want enjoy your scholar program and make my MSc. degree in related field.

04/11/2013, 22:43 # staff

Hi Marew,
Please find programmes here:!/degree=academic_master&search=water

30/09/2013, 08:12 # Tirhas

hello i am Tirhas Yemane from Eritrea. i have a problem in finding MSc program or any short course on human Nutrition aspect.

i have a BSc degree in plant science and i work as food technolog in National Agricultural Research Institute in Eritrea.

hence i don't have any knowledge on human Nutrition would you please help me to learn on human nutrition aspect. how could i make my dream true. please help me

29/10/2013, 17:52 # staff

Look here for programme in field of Nutrition:

01/10/2013, 12:25 # sharon

Am Laker Sharon a Ugandan with a Bachelors degree in Social sciences.i want to study my masters in Anthropology in holland on sponsorship.I Graduated in December 2011.

29/10/2013, 17:57 # staff

Hi Sharon,
Here is a programme in Anthropology:!/degree=academic_master&search=anthropology

05/10/2013, 15:28 # Emebet Abera

Hi! I am from Ethiopia perusing a masters degree in Educational Leadership & Management from Haramaya University, I am highly initiated to join your university to do PhD in the field of Management, please consider me.

10/10/2013, 15:41 # staff

Hi Emebet,
Please read here about financing of PhD studies in the Netherlands:

05/10/2013, 17:48 # Msolola M

Just completed my Bachelors of Arts in Human Resource Management and would like to study for Masters Degree in Holland. Help me what can I do?

10/10/2013, 07:29 # staff

Hi Msolola,
Look here:

07/10/2013, 11:54 # AYELE


10/10/2013, 07:02 # staff

Hi Ayele,
HZ University offers Civil Engineering (4 year):

Hanze University offers Construction Management (2 year)

10/10/2013, 11:46 # sakinah

Im in need of a scholarship, l finished my A level last year. Could you please advice me how l can apply.Thank you in advance

10/10/2013, 11:49 # staff

Hi Sakinah,

You can read here:

10/10/2013, 13:15 # zena moges meshesha

that is great specially for poor countries applicants. i am from Ethiopia and i would love to join one of universities but i can't afford it. so,i am wondering if there are any scholarship programs available. i want to study MS in mathematics and i have good grade. and what is required of me to get one in the lover country Holland?

10/10/2013, 15:33 # staff

Hi Zena,
Look here for a programme with a scholarship:

14/10/2013, 08:32 # Mesfin Abera Kasa

my name is mesfin abera from Ethiopia and I would love to join one of universities but I can't afford it. So,I am wondering if there are any scholarship programs available. i want to study MS physics and i have good grade. what is required of me to get one in the lover country Holland?

14/10/2013, 19:41 # staff

Hi Mesfin Abera,

Look here for programmes with scholarships:

11/10/2013, 09:10 # My name is Desalegn Shiferaw

I am from Ethiopia and currently I am working in one of the newly established Universities in the country and I have MPH in Epidemiology, since I want to upgrade my self to give quality education I hope that your government will allow me to study my PhD in one of Universities in Holland

04/11/2013, 23:12 # staff

Read information about PhD studies in Holland:

13/10/2013, 11:14 # Fahim Farhang

Hi dears : I am Fahim from Afghanistan 25 years old belongs to a family which doesn't have the ability to sent me for Master degree. I,m too much curious to learn in abroad. I did my BC in Civil Engineering with more than 80% marks and I want to continue my Master in Waste water treatment and right now i am Design Engineer with BORDA NGO in Afghanistan so please I need for scholarship if help me that will be very nice of yours I'm waiting for yours kind reply.

16/10/2013, 10:15 # staff

Hi Fahim,
Look here for programmes with a note 'grants are available':!/degree=academic_master&search=water

16/10/2013, 10:48 # Addise Awute

My name is Addise Awute from Ethiopia. I attended my primary and secondary school even university in Ethiopia. I was graduated in 2009 from ARBAMINCH University in GEOGRAPHY Bachelor of Education and graduated from Addis Abeba University in M.A PROGRAM IN POPULATION DEVELOPMENT AND RESOURCE ISSUES IN 2012. I was taught GEOGRAPHY for the last 5 years.

Currently, i am working in Hadiya Zone finance and economic department since mid-2013. Since my graduation, I have great interest of continuing my other post graduate program abroad in social science fields in any European countries but I can’t, because i have great financial problem.

When I saw your announcement, I was delighted because my dream will real by you. Please help me; you will be proud on me when you see my achievement.

16/10/2013, 15:44 # staff

Hi Addise,
Please check this programme in field of Social Sciences with a grant:

18/10/2013, 19:35 # REDIET

In hydraulic and water resource engineering?

18/10/2013, 20:05 # staff

Hi Rediet,
Look here:!/search=hydr and here:!/degree=academic_master&search=water

19/10/2013, 10:35 # biniyam adimas

my name is Benyamin adimas am bourn in addis ababa i attend primary school and secondary school is school of new era i was graduated in unity university college with diploma program by the field of accounting and finance know 2012 .
currently i worked in bank of Abyssinia for the postilion of customer service officer .
When I saw your announcement, I was delighted because my dream will real by you. Please help me; you will be proud on me when you see my achievement.

20/10/2013, 17:44 # staff

Hi Biniyam,
Here is a programme with a scholarship:

20/10/2013, 03:48 # Rahu Jaiswal

Mostly students are unfortunate to pursue their dreams because of their financial constraints, i have been through the same..thus having completed a Masters degree in Microbiology from University of Mumbai(India). I wish to study abroad for the academic benefits we all know.

But the huge sum of amount in the name of fess and living costs usually make students change their track, but due to such scholarships and grants which are funded by some great professionals help in a great deal to reduce the burden and live and study with a stable state of mind and health.
i am looking forward for the same and wish to apply for the most fascinating fields i wish to study, that would be either Masters in Systems biology or Masters in Biotechnology.

20/10/2013, 09:56 # staff

Hi Rahu,
Here are programmes with a 'grants available' note.!/degree=academic_master&search=biology

21/10/2013, 11:12 # David Afo-Kangah

I am an shs grauate in Ghana and i completed this year with good grades. I realy wana study geography and resource mangement or nursing abroad but my parents do not have the money to finance me in the study ambition. Plz help me and I will not let you down.

05/11/2013, 20:19 # staff

Hi David,

Here is a programme with scholarship:

23/10/2013, 09:27 # Karanzi N.

I am Karanzi Naphtali, 35, from Uganda, currently holding a masters degree in History and another one in Public Administration (MA), also lecturing history in Bishop Stuart University. Am looking for a place to study a Phd in History and potential sponsors for Phd studies. I will be very grateful for your assistance.

29/11/2013, 16:55 # staff

Hi, Karanzi,
Read information about PhD studies in Holland:

25/10/2013, 09:47 # mesfin

hi,i am Mesfin from Ethiopia i do have bachelor degree in clinical pharmacy from jimma university. i want to study more clinical fields like human i would be glad if you find out the way of fulfilling my dreams. thank you

27/10/2013, 18:20 # staff

Hi Mesfin,
Look here:!/search=clinic

28/10/2013, 14:55 # Muluneh

Hi dear scholarship opportunity provider I am Ethiopian , my name is Muluneh Dinsa I graduated from Jimma university and receive my bachelor degree in Agricultural economics. I want to study an education related to my previous studied field. I would be glad if you find out the way of fulfilling my dreams. thank you

28/10/2013, 15:15 # staff

Hi Muluneh,

Here is university which providing programmes in Agriculture with a scholarship:

28/10/2013, 14:24 # aschalew abebe

hi, i am aschalew abebe from Ethiopia i take the masters degree from Ethiopia civil service university in public financial management .and know i want study my PHD in international financing,so i wash that your university sponsor me for achieving my vision.thank you

28/10/2013, 16:46 # staff

Hi Aschalew,
Look here:

29/10/2013, 08:53 # NORAH MUKAMWIZA

Hello, I am Norah Mukamwiza from Rwanda, i finished my university from school of finance and banking in my home country and i want to continue abroad to attain masters degree but i do not have that ability. so i would like to request for your support to finish my studies because i love it and may God bless you through my request.

29/10/2013, 17:35 # staff

Hi Norah,
Here is programme in Finance:!/degree=academic_master&search=finance
This is an example of programme with a scholarship:

29/10/2013, 13:07 # workineh dessie

I have Ba Degree in Business Education In Accounting . I have 3.01 GPA points. I want learn master degree in Accounting and finance.

29/10/2013, 17:30 # staff

Hi Workineh,

Here are programmes in field of Accounting and Finance!/degree=academic_master&search=finance

31/10/2013, 08:07 # biruk

everything is so nice and i want to peruse my masters in tourism management. do you have any for me??

29/11/2013, 18:13 # staff

Hi Biruk,
Look here:!/univ=stenden-chn-university,wittenborg-business-school&search=hotel

31/10/2013, 08:38 # Mamo Adane

Hi dear scholarship opportunity provider I am Ethiopian , my name is Mamo Aadane I will graduate from Gondar University and receive my docterate degree inVeterinary Medicine. I want to continue my education to study human public health. I would be glad if you find out the way of fulfilling my dreams. thank you

31/10/2013, 17:42 # staff

Hi Mamo,
Here are the programmes with scholarships:!/search=veterinary

04/11/2013, 10:46 # redae sibhatu

Hello Dear i am redae sibhatu from Ethiopia i have graduated by Industrial Engineering and i want to have my masters degree in mechanical engineering. so, would you help me to success my dream in realty please?
Thank you all

05/11/2013, 20:02 # staff

Hi Redae,
Here is the programme:

08/11/2013, 05:35 # Birendra Khatri

Hello i am Birendra Khatri from Nepal i have Graduated in Bachelor In Business Studies with 47% and i want to have my Master Degree in Master in Business Administration. i will be glad if you help me. Thank you.

24/11/2013, 21:46 # staff

Hi Birenda,
read here about a Business Game which give your a chance win a scholarship:

11/11/2013, 14:55 # Md. Shafiul Azam

I am enrolled in MBA program and my major subject is Tourism and Hospitality Management. Is there any option of credit transfer in Holland Universities. If it is possible then please suggest me the option.
Thank you

07/12/2013, 10:37 # staff

Here is information about ECTS in Holland:

15/11/2013, 12:32 # Mustafe

Hi, my name is mustafe, i am undergraduate student now, i would like to take the opportunity to study in Holland. I dream to get scholarship, because i don't have a money to cover my master's degree.
i graduated from NGUC in Ethiopia with the faculty of Accounting and finance, i wish to get MBA-general.
i graduated last year with honour.
so, i wish to hear from you soon.

07/12/2013, 10:43 # staff

Look here for MBA studies:!/degree=mba_blended,mba or

20/11/2013, 12:08 # issaias

hello dear i am Isssaias from Eritrea i have graduated with basic electronics and i want to have degree and further achievements in electronics. but the financial problem and knowledge of these free scholarship universities is my problem. so please help me.

20/11/2013, 12:24 # staff

Hi Issaias,
Look here for programmes with partial scholarships:!/degree=applied_bachelor&search=elect

20/11/2013, 19:50 # Elvane

Hello and glad for this site informative for scholarships?, Therefore I'm expressing my desire for a study abroad seeking advancement in the branches of music - whether in education, whether in teaching or musical Manager biggest desire is a school or master for Conducting I have graduated from the Faculty of music in general branch and work in this area nearly 15 years. Thanks .. I am 34 years old

20/11/2013, 22:17 # staff

Hi Elvane,
Look here for programme with a grant:

23/11/2013, 20:59 # Alromisa Algilany

I have B.Sc in veterinary medicine then,M.Sc in molecular bioloby and genetics .
I’ am from sudan I wont to complete my PhD study at any university .I hope to get free scholarship in Holand.

24/11/2013, 13:07 # staff

Hi Alromisa,
Read here about PhD studies in Holland:

29/11/2013, 11:52 # andualem

I have BSc deegre from A.A university by IT befor a year. I really happy with Holland .I hope I get the chance

29/11/2013, 12:22 # staff

Hi Andualem,
Here are Master programmes in Information Technology:!/degree=academic_master&search=information

29/11/2013, 22:15 # JOSEPH MACHARIA

Am a kenya with a bacheloater of science in agricultural engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University and post graduatcatione diploma in education from egerton and looking for scholarship for a masters degree in sustainable agriculture of education for sustainable development. please advise

05/12/2013, 19:55 # staff

Hi Joseph,
Look here for a programme with a scholarship of University of Amsterdam:

08/12/2013, 12:12 # Ebsa Negasa

Hello Dear i am redae Ebsa from Ethiopia i have graduated by Economics and i want to have my masters degree in land Resource Management . so, would you help me to success my dream in realty please?
Thank you all

08/12/2013, 13:09 # staff

Please look here:!/degree=academic_master&search=resource

13/02/2014, 12:33 # Ziqalele Mkhize

Hello ! My name is Ziqalele Mkhize. I`m African from kwaZulu Natal in South Africa.I`m a Diploma holder in Civil Engineering.I would like to have my degree in Civil Engineering from any recognized university but the problem is finance.So it will be grateful to me If I get a sponsor to do my B-tec degree in Civil Engineering.

Hopping to hear from you soon.

13/02/2014, 12:39 # staff

Look here: and go to the university site.

02/04/2014, 08:55 # Abass

Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to study in Holland.
I'm from Sudan and I graduated from Sudan University of Science and Technology , College of Engineering, department of Mechanical Engineering with (first degree) 2009,and also i have finished my master degree courses on March 2013 with an excellent grade(87.6%) , but i need to take another master degree in the Air Conditioning field abroad>
Can you help me finding that.

02/04/2014, 09:17 # staff

Hi Abass, you can look here for a Master programme:

09/04/2014, 22:35 # nisha

thanks for the post. I too am interested in pursuing a masters program in tourism in the Netherlands,. I am looking at NHTV. I am from the Caribbean and would like to apply for a scholarship or grant. Are there any scholarships or grants which would be applicable to me?


13/04/2014, 17:54 # staff

You can look here:

09/07/2014, 13:36 # mujeeb

I live in afghanistan , my financial situation is not so well. I graduated from high school last year . I am the really eager to study dutch language or business in Holland. but I'm out of TOEFL/ielts score, I love dutch language very much. and I need a scholarship my financial situation is too bad, but this is my great ambition to study in Holland and this is like a dream for me . at first if u could find me a
dutch language scholarship it will be better if that not to be there. I need a business or a scholarship TOEFL/ielts not to be required or without them.

15/07/2014, 19:49 # staff

Hi Mujeeb,
There are no scholarships for language programmes without degree diploma. It would be better to take a language course in your home land. If you gain sufficient IELTS or TOEFL score in order to be accepted for a Bachelor programme you can get a partial scholarship. Here are Bachelor programmes with a scholarship (grant):

26/07/2014, 18:20 # AMANUEL DOLE

i am from Ethiopia i ant to study in Holland by msc of computer science please help me. thank you.

19/08/2014, 09:58 # staff

You can look here for a programme in Computer Sciences:

26/07/2014, 18:22 # BIRTUKAN DOLE DENTAMO

i am from Ethiopia i want to study in Holland by BSC in human resource management please help me.

19/08/2014, 10:05 # staff

Hi, look here for a programme in HRM:

31/07/2014, 01:19 # Vlad Vasile Barbat

I have finished this year my Masters in Criminal Law in Romania , and would like to pursue a PHD in International Criminal Law or Human Rights Law. The possibilities in my country are very limited , and self funding a PHD would be for me out of the question. What should I do in order to get a fully funded Phd scholarship in the Netherlands? Please notify me on my gmail account/
With kind regards
Vlad Barbat

31/07/2014, 11:22 # staff

Hi Vlad Vasile,
As a rule PhD students (researchers) get a salary corresponding with wages of research staff. More information here:

29/08/2014, 16:10 # Rev Yawa Aho Tsiga

I want to study theology, Religion or Education M.A. How can I get scholarship?

31/08/2014, 14:16 # staff

Hi Rev Yawa Aho,
Look here for programmes with grants:

02/09/2014, 00:13 # JAQULINE

Hello ! my name is JAQULINE. I`m A TanzaniaN from Dar es Salaam.I`m a high school holder in science subjects.I would like to join bachelor degree from any recognized university but the problem is finance.So it will be grateful to me If I get a sponsor to study bachelor degree in in food processing and nutritions.

Hopping to hear from you soon

08/09/2014, 10:44 # staff

Hi Jaquline,
You can select a Bachelor programme with a scholarship here:

09/09/2014, 11:00 # Rihab

I'm not sure what comes first or should them be applied for together.the university admission and the scholarship's like a rollercoaster!!
Thank you

09/09/2014, 12:38 # staff

If you apply to a university that provides scholarships, you need first to apply for a programme and during application point that you need a scholarship and follow instructions on the university site about application for grants.

11/09/2014, 17:15 # donath

I need your help sir/madam I completed bachelor degree of computer science this year (2014) and I would like to get scholarship to study Masters of Geographical Information Systems. how can I apply.(direct me to the page).

11/09/2014, 19:59 # staff

Hi Donath,
Here is a selection of programmes conform your request:

17/09/2014, 09:41 # Tolkha

I am fourth course student at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University(Georgia) faculty of Biology and i want to follow botany. I am interested is it is some scholarships that i can do it.

17/09/2014, 10:11 # staff

Hi Tolkha, here is a selection of programmes in fields of biology with scholarships.

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