Step-by-step application to NHTV Breda University via Studielink

International students, applying to the Bachelor's programmes at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, need to register in the Dutch education database "Studielink" and follow the step-by-step application manual, published by the university.





Step 1

Applying via Studielink

Submit a new application request via studielink

Take notice of the deadlines

Step 2

Receiving a confirm notice of your application and ID code

Check your confirm notice and save your ID code securely.

Straight after your application.

Step 3a

Study programmes with a selection procedure

Check procedure on the pages of the study programme concerned

After your application in Studielink, before the application deadline

Step 3b

Submit your application package

Upload all required documents and pay the application fee

After your application in Studielink

Step 4

Verification of your personal details

Send documents requested by NHTV

Only on request of NHTV

Step 5

Verification of your level of education

If not done yet, send copies of diplomas or certificates to Student Office

As soon as possible, before Septermber 1st

Step 6

Receiving an admission letter

Check letter

After admission

Step 7

Receiving a message in Studielink that you are allocated a place in the draw procedure

Confirm your place via "my to do list"

Within 28 days after date of this message

Step 8

Receiving information package via e-mail

Check your e-mail

Before start of the academic year

Step 9a

Submitting payment details

Entering via Studielink

Starting from mid-June

Step 9b

Payment of tuition fee

Pay full amount at once, or via digital authorisation

Before 1 August

For detailed information about each step of the Studielink application please visit NHTV Breda's website.

As of 2015/16 year, students also need to complete the application on the NHTV's website. Find more details about application procedure and deadlines.

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