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International students in The Netherlands, the stats

At the Hague University of Applied SciencesHere is some interesting information concerning abroad students who are studying in Holland, including their countries of origin, popular fields of studies, and numbers per university in the 2015-2016 academic year. The data refers only to universities that are funded by the Dutch government and is given in comparison to the previous academic year stats.

In total, Dutch universities were offering over 2,100 international programmes in 2015, of which 282 (˄19 compared to 2014) are Bachelor’s, and 1,172 (˄5) are Master’s. The rest were PhD and short programmes, many of which are taught in English. These numbers show that the Netherlands continues to expand its educational options for international students. As a result, this count keeps increasing from year to year.

Foreign students in numbers

The Office of Education at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences (DUO) reports that the quantity of international students rose by 4,235 for the 2015-2016 year compared to the previous year’s statistics, making the total amount of international students in the Netherlands rise to 74,894. This number makes up 10,7% (˄0,6%) of the overall student population.

About 70% of them, or 52,006 students, came to Holland with the aim of earning a Bachelor’s degree. Around 30%, or 22,888 students, wished to complete a Master’s degree. This statistics does not include students enrolled in post-university programmes and short courses.

Most of the Master’s students study at research universities, where the ratio between them and Bachelor’s students is about 50:50. At universities of applied sciences the ratio is quite different as 95% of students are at the Bachelor’s level while only 5% are enrolled in Master’s programmes.

Read about types of universities in the Netherlands.

Top 10 international universities

  1. Maastricht University: 8,563 foreign students (˄791)
  2. Fontys University of Applied Sciences: 4,798 (˄12)
  3. Erasmus University Rotterdam: 4,577 (˄589)
  4. University of Groningen: 4,571 (˄496)
  5. TU Delft: 4,443 (˄680)
  6. The University of Amsterdam (UvA): 3,537 (˄386)
  7. Leiden University: 3,021 (˄440)
  8. Saxion University of Applied Sciences: 2,975 (˅240)
  9. The Hague University of Applied Sciences: 2,805 (˄131)
  10. Utrecht University: 2,367 (˄137)

Most popular fields of study among abroad students

At research universities

  1. Economics and business,
  2. Human and Social Sciences,
  3. Engineering,
  4. Arts and Culture,
  5. Science,
  6. Liberal Arts and Sciences.

At universities of applied sciences

  1. Economics and Business,
  2. Engineering,
  3. Arts and Culture,
  4. Human and Social Sciences,
  5. Healthcare,
  6. Education.

Where do international students come from: top 16 countries

Germany 22,173 (˅786) France 1,604 (˄294)
China 4,342 (˄108) Romania 1,576 (˄224)
Belgium 2,668 (˄155) India 1,304 (˄386)
Italy 2,618 (˄609) Indonesia 1,207 (˄189)
United Kingdom 2,305 (˄330) Poland 1,064 (˄107)
Greece 2,186 (˄67) Lithuania 902 (˄65)
Bulgaria 2,024 (˄220) Russia 740 (˄103)
Spain 1,640 (˄275) United States 650 (˄78)

See also the enrolment criteria at Dutch universities for the students from certain countries.


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27/04/2013, 09:08 # Yuniwo Judges

No African country was mention the list international studies,Does it means that Africans can not study abroad?

27/04/2013, 10:11 # staff

Students from Africa can study and study abroad. See another article with the full data about international students :

27/08/2013, 16:40 # Adanse Joseph

I want to apply for masters program, but I'm afraid NO one has been admitted to such outstanding University from Africa. On more serious note, I preferred studying in this school.... What is the next line of action?

28/08/2013, 22:46 # staff

Hi Adanse,
Here is information about admissions.

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