Why study language in Holland?

Group language course at UvA TalenThe Netherlands can offer great opportunities for learning European languages and understanding different cultures. This small country is a place where many people from all around the world come to improve their language skills.

Among these are prospective students who want to study in Dutch universities, employees who plan to work at the international level, and anyone who wishes to overcome language barriers and live in a foreign country.

So why do all of these different types of people choose to study languages in Holland?

Language courses at all levels

There are hundreds of Dutch language schools spread throughout the country. Some of them are small private institutions offering only Dutch language training while others are well-known language centres with tens of foreign languages available.

You can always find something that suits your needs since the centres offer all possible options for studying a language, from courses for beginners to preparing for language exams like IELTS (English) or NT2 (Dutch).

Languages schools in The Netherlands offers various types of courses, including:

At the Babel Talen language schoolAlthough all of them are offered on a round-year basis, there are more options available during the summer peak season. In Holland this period runs from late June to the end of September and concurs with the summer holidays of European schools.

Besides the language schools that are available, there are also specialised preparatory courses at universities in The Netherlands, designed for prospective students from abroad. These courses focus on teaching English and Dutch, the basics of Dutch culture, and the educational methods practised in these institutions.

Language practice

It is not a secret that language practice is the only key to reaching highest proficiency levels. Unless you use language in your daily life, your vocabulary remains poor and skills gradually regress.

In The Netherlands you can easily find spots to apply your new knowledge since many people can speak a number of languages. About 95% of the Dutch population can speak fluent English, making living, working, or studying in The Netherlands much easier and more convenient for internationals. French and German are also taught from a young age, with many Dutch people being able to communicate in these languages as well.

International students of the Hague UniversityInternational environment

The Netherlands is a multinational country. While studying language courses, it is not at all uncommon to find a Frenchman sitting next to a Brazilian sitting next to an Italian. This not only enables additional language practice, but also teaches students how to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds which is essential for living in any country and working in international companies.

There are no borders within Europe

Holland has a very favourable geographical position and is close to the major language regions of Germany and Belgium. In Belgium the population is bilingual, speaking French and their own version of the Dutch language – Flemish. Since there are no borders inside the EU, you can easily travel to England, Italy, Spain, or another European country, practice your language skills, and get to know new cultures.

Check out some more information about certain language schools in The Netherlands.

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