Six advantages of studying in the Netherlands

Do you dream of studying in Europe? Holland, also known formally as The Netherlands, is located in the heart of Europe and attracts students from all over the world every year. This country offers a diverse environment, vibrant lifestyle, and limitless opportunities.

The Netherlands is globally recognised as being deeply devoted and tied to international business, with strong trading traditions visible throughout its history. A country of creative discoverers and entrepreneurs, Holland became the home of many famous scientists and Nobel prize winners and has always been a progressive leader in continental Europe. This country is well known for the achievements in a wide variety of fields.

But why exactly are foreign students so attracted to studying in Holland?

1. Dutch universities offer programmes in English

Graduates of Dutch Nyenrode Business universityThe Netherlands is known as the first non-English speaking country in which universities started to design higher education study programmes in English to accommodate students coming from abroad.

Since the middle of the last century, Dutch universities have offered English-taught undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes, as well as short and preparatory courses.

2. Internationally recognized degrees

Study in the Netherlands at University of GroningenThe Netherlands has been recognized as a knowledge centre with rich study traditions and well-known universities. Scientific research done at Dutch universities is very highly valued at both the national and international level.

Education in Holland meets all international standards and is well-reputed worldwide. A diploma from a Dutch university provides an opportunity to start one’s own business and can be very useful in terms of having a successful career in any country of the world.

3. Innovative education system

Nyenrode IMBA campusThe Dutch educational system is interactive and focuses on teamwork, helping international students meet one another. During their studies in Holland, students become open minded specialists with a global outlook and an international orientation.

The Netherlands has also received international acclaim for its groundbreaking Problem-Based Learning educational system where students are trained to analyse and solve practical problems and to develop their own professional individuality.

When Dutch universities need to select candidates for a programme or scholarship, they often do it in their own creative way, for example, through business games.

4. Multicultural environment

Students in GroningenInternational students from all over the world come to study in Holland. With its key role in the European Union and multinational markets, The Netherlands is recognised as an expert in the fields of know-how and academic education.

The Netherlands is a unique non-English speaking country in which 95% of inhabitants speak English. This factor makes living, studying, and working in Holland more comfortable and pleasant for those coming from abroad.

Many international companies have departments in The Netherlands due to the favourable economic conditions. This feature helps students at Dutch universities by opening up possibilities to gain internships at many of these companies and allowing them to create their own professional networks for their future careers.

5. Affordable study costs

Holland. Dutch mill.The tuition fees and other expenses for those who come to study in Holland are relatively low compared to other European countries.

For students from the EU, the annual tuition fee for a degree programme or course at a Dutch university starts from €2,006. The cost of study programmes for non-EU students may vary from €5,800 to €20,000 a year.

In addition, many Dutch universities offer grants and scholarships that can reduce or fully cover the tuition fees of study programmes.

6. Holland —  the gateway to Europe

Map and Flag of the NetherlandsDue to its central geographic and economic position in continental Europe, The Netherlands is often described as the gateway to Europe. It takes only about an hour to fly from Amsterdam to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, or London.

The Netherlands is also the place where German, British, and French cultures meet. In this technologically advanced country, nearly any household can receive TV programmes from neighbouring countries and beyond. Cinemas show films from around the world in their original languages.

Dutch universities also provide opportunities to explore European countries as they offer many study tours and exchange programmes with many famous institutes in Europe.

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07/06/2013, 17:04 # AMARROUCH

What language I need to know in order to study in Holland: Dutch or English? Please answer me very soon.

17/06/2013, 15:04 # staff

You can study in English.You can select a programme here:

06/10/2013, 08:21 # Asmatullah

i want to study in holland

10/10/2013, 07:17 # staff

Hi Asmatullah,
You can read here about admission at universities in Holland

28/10/2013, 08:57 # shibiru fekadu

i have a B.SE in civil engineering from wollega unversity in Ethiopia. if u accept me i would like to learn my M.SE IN HIGH WAY engineering. please accept me.

28/10/2013, 09:21 # staff

Hi Shibiru,
Please find Master programmes in Civil Engineering:

30/04/2013, 13:27 # Okatahi Helen

That's good, how can one go through the procedure of getting passport to study in Holland?

30/04/2013, 15:57 # staff

Read here how to come in Holland for studies:

02/07/2013, 11:43 # Thu Ba

Does have any English course in NL? If I want to study English to get an IELTS certificate?

02/07/2013, 20:59 # staff

You can look here:

16/10/2013, 19:54 # ainanshe abdirashid ainansh

I wanna to study in holland.

16/10/2013, 19:57 # staff

Hi Ainanshe,
if you want to study in the Netherlands, read how to start:

26/10/2013, 13:20 # asha chaudhary

I am eager to study in Holland, what qualifications do I need to settle in Holland?

27/10/2013, 17:55 # staff

Hi Asha,
Look here about what do need in order to start studies in Holland:

17/10/2013, 17:53 # farah mohamud

I like to study in holland because there is quality education in Holland.

29/10/2013, 07:43 # Abu Sayed

I am a Government College Teacher. I want to study in Holland for PhD degree.

29/10/2013, 17:38 # staff

Hi Abu,
Here is information about PhD studies in the Netherlands:

09/11/2013, 12:20 # mohammad hanif

hello i am mohammad hanif i want to study in holland givie me information about study in holland thank you

05/12/2013, 20:01 # staff

See here how to start if you want to study in Holland.

12/11/2013, 07:30 # sumi

my daughter want to read for bachlar for scholarship in located amstherdam of holland. her subject is managment she is reading now(HSEB).thank you

07/12/2013, 10:39 # staff

Look here:

05/12/2013, 11:00 # Sreten

I would really like to study in Nederlands,but I would like to study photography. I have experience already from the jobs that I have worked. Do I have to pass Dutch language? I am fluent with English...

05/12/2013, 11:57 # staff

Hi Sreten,
In order to start study in Holland in English, you need to pass English proficiency tests:

31/01/2014, 23:29 # mohando

please how i can connect with holland university

01/02/2014, 11:13 # staff

Hi Mohando,

Please select a programme here: and contact a university directly via a contact form.
Here is an example:

08/02/2014, 20:56 # Eliana

I would like to study in Holland my master´s programme about Teaching English for foreigners. I would like to know how to apply, what is the process, what are the costs for programmes and if it is possible to get an scholarship? I am from Colombia , a south American country, so are there any help for south american students? How many points do I have to have for the ELTS or TOEFL exam? I hope you can help me with data. :) Thank you so much!

16/02/2014, 15:53 # staff

Hi Eliana,
Here are programmes:
On this page you can see language requirements.

17/02/2014, 06:06 # rizwan

i am a student of B.Sc mechanical engineering i want to further study in holland for postgraduate..
please suggest and send me please how i can connect with holland university.

17/02/2014, 08:49 # staff

Hi Rizwan,
Here is a programme:
Here is information how to start:

27/02/2014, 04:45 # Endah

I would like to study in holland. Can you give me some informations about master programme nursing science or public health. Thanks

27/02/2014, 10:35 # staff

Look here for Master programmes in Public Health:!/degree=academic_master&city=Amsterdam&univ=university-amsterdam,vu-university-amsterdam&search=health

08/04/2014, 20:13 # Mohamed

I am studing architect engineering in British university in Egypt thrid year, I would like to transfer to a holland university having architect program in English to study for two years to complete the five years program for the B Sc degree .
Can you advice for the best university teatching architectural design in English langouage.
Thank you.

09/04/2014, 00:05 # staff

Look here:!/univ=delft-university-technology&search=arc

19/04/2014, 00:14 # issam fituri

My daughter is studying for civil engineering 5th semester at Tripoli university Libya.

will it be possible for her to transfer to a Dutch university after obtaining the required English level and will the credit she has obtained will count for her.
Thank you

21/04/2014, 10:57 # staff

Hi, when she has passed the TOEFL or IELTS she needs to send her papers to the university.
Here is information about credit system in Holland.

13/05/2014, 10:27 # son

To study in Netherland, what is IELTS I should have to be accepted by any UNI in Netherland ? Thanks

13/05/2014, 12:14 # staff

Look here for requirements:

19/05/2014, 14:42 # shuaib

i would like to study in holland in medical school i can get invatation and informatoin ..and visa! and the schoole fee

27/05/2014, 12:01 # staff

As usual medical studies are in Dutch. Look here for English taught programmes at VU Amsterdam:!/univ=vu-university-amsterdam&fos=medicine-and-health-care&degree=academic_master

16/08/2014, 08:22 # Delta Foxtrott Spartan 1x

I want to study medicine in Holland, do I need a biology degree to study over there.

17/08/2014, 11:40 # staff

In order to study medicine on Bachelor level in the Netherlands, you need master Dutch language. Look here for universities where you can study medicine:

30/01/2015, 17:28 # Ali

I am from Pakistan.currently I am studying in Uk I have completed level 6. But thinking to move to Neatherland as British study is very expensive now. Could you plz guid me your requirements. I am intrested to complete bacholer digree.


04/02/2015, 07:51 # staff

Hi! You can see additonal info here
If You need some personal consultation feel free contact us personally

02/03/2015, 10:32 # Prajin Nair

Hi Sir/Madam...
I Currently Pursuing my bachelors in Tourism Studies in India (Honors-4 Yrs) and i'm thinking of travelling to The Netherlands to join the "Masters in International Tourism And Leisure'' Studies in Stenden University, Leeuwarden, What do you say about Stenden University and this program. and how do you reacted to my plan..?

04/03/2015, 10:51 # staff

Could you please contact us via skype or email from our site? Thanks.

27/05/2015, 10:01 # Vengg

Hi I am from Malaysia and I wish to study B.Sc Architecture in Netherlands and I was wondering is there any English course for it? I really want to study this course in the Netherlands :)

13/10/2016, 14:39 # staff

Yes, they are.
You can find suitable study programmes here:

22/08/2015, 12:56 # mule

Dear Sir/Madam
Greetings to all there, my name is mulualem and I m from Ethiopia I want to find full scholarship in hotel management filed, pleas would u help me

07/10/2016, 15:49 # staff

Hello, Mulualem!
You can find all information about scholarships and grant in Netherlands below:

19/10/2015, 08:30 # Wulan

Hi there! I would like to know, is there any scholarship programme? and How do I registered? and how do I get some information which concern to the tuition or any fee that I should prepare for? or do you have any contact person in Indonesia especially in Bali to make it easier? and may I know what university in Bali you have cooperation with?

07/10/2016, 14:22 # staff

Hello, Wulan!
The information about scholarships in Netherlands is below:
You can also choose available grant:
Here is general information about tuition fees in Netherlands:

18/09/2016, 07:50 # Subhekshya Sharma

Hello! I am currently involved with Bachelor in Business Administration program here at Nepal (have been securing good GPA grades in previous semesters). I will be done with this course by the end of 2017. After that i am interested to pursue my Masters in Business Administrations. Are there any scholarship program for that? If yes, what are the requirements? And what about the personal costs involved to apply?

18/09/2016, 15:19 # staff

You can check and choose MBA programms here, prices are there too:

Grant information is here:
Search engine:
Common information about admition:

03/10/2016, 10:18 # sameera

i want to do p.hd in geography.need to know the admission criteria.Is p.hd also need TOEFL or IELTS score?

03/10/2016, 10:37 # staff

Hello, Sameera!

You should write directly to university for Ph.D admission

12/11/2016, 09:07 # Hadush Hagos

Dear Sir/madam
First,I need to address my greatest salutation to you all there.I am Hadush from Ethiopia ,I have B.SE in civil engineering from Ethiopian institute of technology-Mekelle(EIT-M).I am very eager to study my M.Sc in Netherlands and I would like to know, is there any scholarship program related? how to apply

14/11/2016, 10:47 # staff

Hello, Hadush!
You can search for available scholarships here:
The information about applying is here:

02/01/2017, 07:55 # lida sultany

i have done my bachelor degree(BSC) in India and want to have diploma in business

03/01/2017, 17:18 # staff

Hello, Lida!
You can read about the admission below:

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