Motivation letter for the MSc Computer Science programme at the University of Twente

Here you can read an example of the motivation letter, written by a students who succesfully enrolled for the Master of Sciences programme at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

My name is Ivan Petrov, I am a 19 years old. I was born in Barnaul, Altay region, Russia and later lived in Kazakhstan. When I was 4 years old my family moved to Kaliningrad, Russia, where I am still living. In the age of 5 I was enrolled in Kaliningrad Lyceum #18. In 2005 I’ve finished the lyceum with physics-mathematics specialization. My average school graduation mark is 4.4 (5.0 is maximum possible). I was accepted to Russian State Immanuel Kant University’s mathematical faculty the same year. I’ve chosen Applied Mathematics and Computer Science specialization, as it conformed to my interests in programming and computer security most of all. My choice of specialization was greatly influenced by my father’s profession (he’s a systems administrator, running his own business) and the computer boom, experienced in Russia.

Right now I am a 4th year, high achiever student of Russian State I. Kant University and will be graduating next year. Upon graduation I will receive a Specialist degree, which is not recognized by foreign universities due to differences in my country’s educational system. But I want to continue my education in one of European universities.

Classical Russian education has its advantages and disadvantages, compared to European. Russian education is very broad and thorough. But this also means that it is very hard or sometimes impossible to concentrate on some particular interesting topic and become a professional in the chosen area. I believe that European education, focused on practical usage and development of skills required by employers, is more competitive in this situation.

Dutch universities provide European education and are focused on practical side of things. They are also known world-wide for their international education. And this is great, because this allows to study in an international environment, to meet people from around the world, who came to study just like you and to exchange experience and ideas with these people, to learn and understand from inside differences, weaknesses and keys of success of IT companies world-wide, to get knowledge, skills and education, which is actually competitive in conditions of globalization.

I believe that enrollment to MSc Computer Science program in University of Twente is a right step in reaching my goal of becoming a good IT specialist. University of Twente is widely-known for its high level of technical education and leading positions among Dutch technical universities and this is why I have chosen this university and hope to be accepted to it.

Computer science is not just my future profession, it is also my main hobby and I see no profession for me, other than one related to Computer Sciences. This also makes me a good candidate for enrollment as studying computer science and related sciences is an integral part of my hobby.

I have big plans for my future career. Obtaining a quality of master of science from your university will not only strengthen my knowledge in the field to cope up with the fast advancement in the technology but will also help me to in my plans of extending my father’s IT outsourcing business after I finish my education. We are planning to drive family business to a new level by creating a number of new departments. I am sure that Dutch technical education will help me in accomplish my plans and choose right strategies and goals for this.

I also find scientific and research work very interesting and attractive. I find mathematics interesting and beautiful in a way. And dedicate a lot of time to self-education mainly in mathematics and computer science. This allowed me to write a research paper, which is now in a process of publication. I am thinking about connecting my future life to science one way or another. And I hope to combine scientific work with my main job or to make scientific work my main job.

Russia may seem to a mature country, but I believe that it still has a lot to change in order to become one. My country’s main source of income is trade of natural resources like oil and gaz. And Hi-Tech, scientific research, educational and small business spheres remain undeveloped. I am confident, that if I get a chance to earn master degree in your University, then I will be able to contribute a lot to my country’s development of at least some listed spheres.

I get on with people well, am responsible and have good problem solving skills. I have only excellent marks for all years of education. I am captain of a leading region’s ACM programming team, an organizer of a student programming club. I am a holder of President of Russia Scholarship (only two scholarships are given per university). I know 3 foreign languages.

With my strong academic background and desire to study, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program. I also believe that I can make significant contribution to this program.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan Petrov.

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