Motivation letter of a students applying for the Arts programme

Here you can see a motivation letter (personal statement, admission essay), written by a student who successfully enrolled in the Master’s programme in the field of Arts, taught in the Netherlands and Austria.

To whom it may concern,

«Every island merits a king the same shape as the island. For instance the king of the Earth is ball»
Pavel Pepperstein

Every second, while humanity inhales and exhales, it is recognized that the universe links all beings in a huge ocean full of sparkling and shimmering points, energy, metrics of numbers, and flashing lights.

Just take a closer look with as much care and love as you are able.

Recently, strolling through the central streets of Saint-Petersburg, which are knotting themselves into a labyrinth of signs, I fell deep into thoughts about future education in Holland. The sounds that awakened me into reality and the visual world were angelic chants emerging from a window. Thereafter, I have had no doubts about the place for future art education.

I feel that an artist’s environment has a crucial impact on the creation of artefacts, and I do not know if I could find the better place, absorbed into a delightful nature than Holland. Subconsciously, Holland is the most harmonious symbiosis of art and nature. I feel the significant influence of medieval art on myself and from my point of view Vienna is full of medieval feelings. That is why I think that this environment will be extremely comfortable for my creativity. Visually speaking, Holland is like pure clean water to me.

I have been engaged in academic painting and drawing courses for 6 years. I attempt to understand the world through many types of artistic expressions. The Academy in Saint-Petersburg left me with some very useful and rare abilities. While I was studying at the State Academy of Art and Design, I gained an excellent base consisting of academic painting, academic drawing and composition. I also wove by hands a copy of medieval tapestry, was engaged in embroidery and hand developed photographs. Textile was the major at my faculty, but essentially textiles combines all three of foundations, namely: drawing, painting, composition.

In recent years, I was studying Russian naive art, I plunged into it and gently took from that direction all sincerity and honesty that I could find there. I know how to open yourself up and direct the creative flow. I have solid awareness of esthetic taste and experience with diligence hard-work, attention to details. I am free and intuitive in painting and drawing. I know how to communicate feelings with mind, and I am extremely good with laborious, although tedious and time consuming tasks.

I am sure that XXX will help me to combine all my passions together, become more integral artist. I strongly believe that university will teach me, for example, how to introduce photography and video in painting. I am fully confident that the University of XXX will teach me how to be more accurate in interpretation of ideas and thoughts. In my head and in sketches I have a huge amount of projects and I imagine how in unity and harmony with the teacher I can make people to analyze the world, to draw parallels, to see the invisible, to eat energy from themselves and not from food.

I dream of instructions that encompass learning in its complete meaning. I strongly believe that to education means to dive inside a person, thereafter exploring all beauty inside, leaving feelings and impression upon your subconscious. In the aspect of education, I feel your university can help me to become more full and integral.

I cannot say I have a favorite material in art, I dream of painting through textiles, multimedia, any other materials that can help people increase awareness of unconscious and conscious states of life. I am interested in all manifestations of reality, and the place where all things around us have begun. I have a thirst to continue my works. I believe that all skills combined together create the honest celebration from my hands and my heart.

From my point of view, painting is ideal for contemporary use as reflection of reality. Painting can be transparent, mobile, or vice versa more solid than a wall. Contemporary life has lack of slowness. I dream about making people a bit slower and see reality filled with signs, this is why I am so near to naive art. Visualizations of beauty in people’s minds is a path to this idea. That is how I see the main goal in art and in myself.

Undoubtedly, that is why free Dutch spirit of art with great attention to the theory and great care about information content of your works is so close to me. My hands and my head are trained enough for 6 years due to this I can absorb all important things that your Academy is offering.

Sincerely yours,


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