Motivation letter of a student applying for the Natural Science programme

Here you can find the motivation letter, written by a student who successfully enrolled in the Master's programme in Natural Sciences at a Dutch university.

I, XXXXXXXX, am a 21 year old Russian student of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) at fifth year of education. I am studying at faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics and my specialization is Medical Physics. In March 2008 I will get Master’s diploma of my university. But I would like to continue my education in the area of Physics and Biology and take part in the Master’s programme in Radboud University.

The Eurogates company has recommended me Radboud University. According to my specialization the fact that this university is connected with hospital has a big advantage in my choice of place to study in. On the website of Radboud University I found information about The Master’s programme in Natural Sciences and I am truly interested in it.

Since adolescence I have been always curious in how surrounding world is established and especially the marvel and complexity of living matter were fascinating to me. But on other hand I have got the good abilities to mathematics and exact sciences. So after secondary school I chose Medical Physics as my further field of education to achieve my professional ambitions.

Currently radioimmunoassay is my educational research practice. I am busy with it at company which invents and creates devices for radioimmunoassay. I am interested not only in technical and physical aspects of this method of analysis but also chemical and biological processes which provide the possibility of applying such method in medicine.

Unfortunately, there is no appropriate base for researches in area of Physics and Biology together in my university. So I want to improve my professional skills and become more educated in Chemistry and Biology. I think the Master’s programme of your university will be a great and useful experience for me because the programme contains the subjects in which I was always interested in.

I decided to continue my education in English-language programme because I think studying in English will give me better opportunities in future to be involved in world scientific community. And also communication with people from different countries is a great chance for my intellectual development.

I have been to Holland few times and I like this country so I have chosen The Netherlands for my abroad education. I plan to live in Arnhem and travelling to Nijmegen will be very comfortable to me. I was in Nijmegen last summer. I found it really students’ city with all its atmosphere of classical European educational centre. Thus, the programme of Radboud University and place where it is situated are perfect for my professional and personal desires.

With my strong academic background, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program. I also believe that I can make significant contribution to this program. Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Best regards,

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03/07/2015, 15:41 # susan jefferson

I got surprised to see how comprehensive your web site is.I'm just writing to appreciate your attempts to help those who are in urgent need of writing a letter.Thank you so much!

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