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Master's in Business Analytics

Programmes 23 April 2012, 00:00

Would you like to work in the leading financial institutions? Are you interested in risk management and business analysis? Then, a unique programme of the VU University, Master's in Business Analytics, is your best choice!

Master's in Business Analytics (BA) is a two-year multidisciplinary programme, aimed at improving business processes by applying a combination of methods based on mathematics, computer science and business management. This Master's programme is unique, it covers the complete track of optimizing business processes and is currently offered only at the VU.

The Master’s in Business Analytics is a hands-on programme: students use their knowledge in the different fields of expertise to improve business practices by means of real company situations.

Using data, students determine the underlying problems that will help them in formulating the most relevant mathematical model and learn to develop software to get their business solutions implemented in practice. Business Analytics Master Programme includes a 6 month internship which often takes place at such companies as Deloitte, KLM, ING and is a perfect opportunity to find a future employer.


There are three specializations in the Master’s programme in Business Analytics:

  • Business process optimization

Students tackle quantitative business problems with the aid of mathematical algorithms which are then implemented in decision support systems.

  • Computational intelligence

Students simulate the human brain in a computer program to make decisions with optimization and data mining techniques.

  • Financial risk management

Students learn to price derivatives, such as share options, and strategies for risk management. They will deal with both practical and theoretical aspects of the discipline.

All three areas of specialization prepare students for a career in business, industry, government or with a research facility.

Career prospects

Graduates with the Master’s degree in BA will always be in demand on the labour market – even in times of economic downturn. Companies need academics who have learned to analyze quantitative problems, devise good solutions and implement them. Once graduated, the students of Business Analytics often work as consultants, quantitative analysts or risk managers at financial institutions, ICT workers and data-mining specialists. Some graduates pursue the academic career and continue their research in a PhD programme.

Master's in Business Analytics

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