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Scholarships for Brazilian students for study and research in Holland

Grants 13 March 2012, 00:00

Dutch Nuffic and the Brazilian national Council for Scientific and technological Development (CNPq) established the Science without Borders scholarship programme which offers possibilities for Brazilians to study in the Netherlands.

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It is known that scholarships are the best way to approach higher education for students who have financial needs. Here is some vital information about ‘Science without Borders Holland’ scholarship. The Brazilian national council for Scientific and technological development which is famously known as CNPq and Nuffic (the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education) announced that they would be launching a joint scholarship very soon.

The Brazilian government will invest US$ 2.02 billion in 75,000 grants and give to Brazilian students the opportunity to study at top universities worldwide. This could be considered a great opportunity for Brazilian students who wish to explore education in foreign countries.

This scholarship would be offered to Brazilian students who wish to continue their education in the science stream. The research or the educational program that the student wishes to continue studying should be pursued at Universities in the Netherlands.

They could explore a variety of options with the help of this scholarship. The areas of specializations that would be considered for the scholarships are Science, Technology, Engineering, Health sciences, Life sciences and Mathematics and other important subjects that would contribute towards a nation’s growth. The program is designed to give importance to Bachelor’s degree in Brazilian universities. Later, it would spread to offer financial assistance to post graduate students and researchers. Many students will be able to pursue their Masters and Phd studies with the help of this program in future.

Study in the Netherlands is attractive for Brazilians

This is a splendid opportunity for students to exploit if they wish to study in Netherlands. Netherlands has a good reputation among Brazilians. It’s known for the quality of education that it provides. Dutch institutions want Brazilians and many international students to participate in its educational system and benefit from it. Dutch universities and government also looks forward to benefit from the multicultural exchange such scholarships could bring about.

Not only do these scholarships help in improving the economy and tourism of Netherlands, it also gives the people of Holland an opportunity to know the world outside better. It creates a platform where people can engage and benefit freely without worrying about borders. For more information on this scholarship, one could visit the official webpage of the participating organizations.

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