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NHTV Bachelor courses receive high ratings!

3 February 2012, 00:00

According to 2012 edition of Keuzegids, comparative guide to Dutch higher education programmes, the majority of NHTV Bachelor courses are judged as the best in their categories.

study in breda, nhtv breda univesityInformation Centre on Higher Education, an independent research agency in Dutch higher education, has recently released its annual publication Keuzegids HBO Voltijd 2012 (Choice Guide HBO full time 2012). The guide features the latest statistics and compares various study programmes offered by the Dutch Universities of Applied Science.

According to 2012 edition of Keuzegids, the majority of NHTV bachelor courses are judged as the best. The favourite of 2012 is the International Game Architecture and Design programme, which received an exceptionally high score of 9.4 and was called an ‘excellent study course’. The Information Centre on Higher Education recommends this programme to prospective students saying that they ‘can attend a near-perfect study course in Breda, with an exceptionally high appreciation for everything connected to the content of the programme’.

The bachelor programmes in Hotel, Leisure and Urban development all end up in the top of their categories. Moreover, the International Hotel Management programme is rated higher than the well-known hotel schools of the Hague and Maastricht. Among the reasons which explain the excellent results of NHTV programmes are modern facilities, hands-on experience, small-scale, excellent organisation and readiness for the job market.

The other programmes offered by NHTV Breda University of Applied Science were also rated quite high. Thus, the courses in Logistics and Mobility tower far above the rest in their categories with an average of 8.0 and the programmes in the area of Tourism, Facility and Media are rated 2nd in their categories.

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