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Student story about studying on Communication programme

Student stories 25 February 2011, 00:00

International programme in the Netherlands offers a window on the world.For American Veena Fox Parekh (33) and Nina Lin (23) from China, 'learning' is essential.

International programme in the Netherlands offers a window on the world, study in Holland, study abroadWhy would someone come all the way from China to our cold little country? It appears that the Netherlands offers a good window on the world. Nina Lin, a HAN Communication Studies student, is undertaking her work placement assignment at publisher Wolters Kluwer.

C magazine interviewed Nina and her work placement advisor, Veena Fox Parekh.

Travelling for personal development.

For American Veena Fox Parekh (33) and Nina Lin (23) from China, 'learning' is essential.

The word pops up continually during conversation with them. Both women travelled from afar to further develop themselves and to broaden their view on the world.

Veena: 'I maintain the content on the Wolters Kluwer website and needed someone to help me with my daily work.'

Social media

Veena: 'I came across Nina on www.stagehulp.nl. I immediately thought she was fantastic. She is truly an early adopter of social media. She told me that she Twitters and Skypes all day long. Nina is a part of the generation that has practically been born with these tools. She is focusing on brand management in her Communication Studies programme, which is extremely interesting for Wolters Kluwer.

Conversely, Wolters Kluwer is attractive to her, particularly because she is writing her international thesis in this area.' Communication Studies Nina: 'When I saw Veena's advertisement, I definitely thought it was a perfect match. I was interested in the corporate perspective of an international business. And Wolters Kluwer is a company where information, including online information, is core business.

It has worked out really well!' 'I originally come from Shanghai in China where I studied Art and Management. Arts-related subjects were taught in parallel with management-related subjects. After a year I decided to look for a programme that offered both fields as part of an integrated study. In the Netherlands I found 2005 Communication Studies at the HAN.

At the HAN University  I can gain international experience and expand my worldwide network.' Learning on the job 'I am learning a lot from Veena. She gives me the space and opportunity to develop myself, which builds my self confidence. She provides me with the freedom to do things for myself and is always approachable. For example, I was involved with a Chinese art project for the Frankfurther Buchmesse, which was extremely interesting for me.

 I learned from her how to make clear and detailed project planning. I've done this type of planning before, but always at a higher level and less thoroughly. When I saw her precise planning I realised that by approaching it differently I could work in a much more goal-oriented way.

Source: C magazine. Text: Sabine Funneman, photograph: Eran Oppenheimer.

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