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BaMaS is on line information on Bachelor and Master programmes in Holland

20 August 2007, 00:00

BaMaS is the on line information system on the links and connection programmes between bachelor and master programmes of Dutch universities.

BaMaS is the on line information system on the links and connection programmes between Bachelor and Master programmes.

Following a bachelor programme at a university you can continue your education in a related master programme. In case you wish to proceed to a non-related master programme, a connection programme may be required.

However, after completion of a bachelor programme at a polytechnic, you can also continue your studies with a master programme at either a polytechnic or more often at a university instead. To be admitted to a university master, you may well have to complete a connection programme.

In BaMaS all information on links and connection programmes is accumulated and presented. For each bachelor programme you can thus check, which master programmes you can enter without any further obligations, or for which master programmes completion of a connection programme is required.

 It is also possible to select a master programme and check which bachelor programmes will allow you to start with that specific master, with or without a connection programme.

Apart from information on the links or connection programmes BaMaS also offers limited information on the bachelor and master programmes themselves. For extended information you are directed to information sites of the respective institutions. The informaton on programmes and their links is inserted by the institutions themselves, and is a recent as possible.

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