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European Studies Bachelor Programme

Student stories 12 September 2007, 00:00

Student from Germany, Elisabeth Epping, tells about her study at Twente University. She followed education on European Studies Bachelor Programme.

Student from Germany, Elisabeth Epping, tells about her study at Twente University. She followed education on European Studies Bachelor Programme.

Why did you choose European Studies?

Elisabeth: “European Studies is a multidisciplinary study which combines four directions: political science, sociology, economics and law. As a consequence it broadens our view of Europe, which is no longer an invisible complex, but shapes our lives in many areas and enables us to take several and varying perspectives on the EU.

European Studies gives good basic knowledge about the EU and international relations etc. which is required more and more. Additionally the European Union is more present than ever in our live and therefore it is really interesting to understand the process and events we are going to expect.”

What is your favourite course and why?

Elisabeth: “There are many different courses that are interesting. I would say each course is on its own very interesting and useful. Due to the fact that they cover the same topic: “European Union” from different perspectives it is anyway a good motivation to engage in the course. But the courses I really like were ‘Sociology’, ‘European Political Integration’ and ‘the Institutional development of the European Union’ since they present the European Union visible and enables us to see the process which is going on.”

Where do you come from?

Elisabeth: “I am from Germany from a little town close to the border, it is called Steinfurt.”

Where do you live now (and how)?

Elisabeth: “live in a student-house, very close to the center.It is really ‘gezellig’”.

What do you like to do besides your study?

Elisabeth: “There are many things like doing sport, meeting friends, reading, listening to music, relaxing, doing nothing. But in principle I would say I am very active haha….”

What was your first impression of Enschede?

Elisabeth: “Well, I knew Enschede before due to the fact that I came here a few times for shopping and was in the cafés at the Oude Markt and therefore I thought it was really nice. …” And the first time on campus? Elisabeth: “When I first was at the University I was really impressed of the Campus and the many possibilities that are offered here (like sport, culture etc.). My impression was and is still totally positive!”

What's is your opinion on Enschede as a "student city"?

Elisabeth: “I think Enschede is a nice city for students, due to the fact that something is always going on. Especially on Thursday evening when there is student-evening in the city. The city is anyway nice, especially in the summer-sitting in one of the cafés at the Oude Markt is really good.” “Additionally you can reach everything with your bicycle and can do a lot of other activities beside studying. That’s why I like studying here!”

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