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Classes started (student story #4)

Student stories 18 September 2007, 00:00

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: Yeah! Let the classes begin!

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: Yeah! Let the classes begin!

But before let me introduce you my group. It consists of 12 students for now, we are still waiting for 2 students.  

But let me tell you what I found out already. There are: one girl from Poland, girls from Germany – Anna and Sarah, girls from China, a couple of guys from the Netherlands. And only these 2 guys and 2 girls were studying before in Stenden University and got their Bachelor degree here. Others, as me, just started.

Besides students from my group I already met people from all over the world: Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mexico, Panama, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and many others. I found 2 boys from Russia. Marat, from Volgograd is studying 4 year in Bachelor program and he is a host in Hestia. Konstantin got his Master Degree and is working in Stenden University.

So... time for classes. After a couple opening speeches we had a first studying day with 4 lectures. The name of the subject is the same – service, but it was taught by 3 different teachers. All the lecturers are using computers for their presentations. And the greatest thing is that lectures are sent to you by e-mail and you don’t need to write them down! Before classes you are given a module book with all necessary info, schedule, names of teachers and other important books. All the changes in schedule are sent to you by e-mail in advance.

It is so organized! Teachers are not just giving you the information to learn and a home task but they make you think during the lecture. They provide you with different opinions on the same problem and ask what your thoughts about it are. They do not just tell you this is right and this is wrong but want you to find it out. Lecturers do not persuade you but give you the freedom of choice. Do you like it? I DO!

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