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Seminars at Stenden Univesity (student story#7)

Student stories 16 October 2007, 00:00

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: The main topic of my news is the seminar and how it is held here. 

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: The main topic of my news is the seminar and how it is held here. Here I mean exactly in Stenden University and I think as at the majority of the Dutch Universities. I have participated already at two seminars and can share with you my experience. The seminar is a class organized by students.

Everything there, from the beginning up to the end is the work of the students. Seminars have a very considered structure. During the seminar we play different roles. First, we have a chairperson, who prepares and holds the seminar. Second, there are 2 summary writers who summarize the texts suggested.

Third, a context writer is preparing a context of the whole material studied. Fourth, everybody is obliged to think for statements for the discussion. Finally, there is a blackboard writer who writes on a blackboard with a marker. Each seminar has it’s own system. It’s determined by the material we are going to discuss.

For instance, it were some articles in the theoretical journals or books or site visit (about it in the next news). First of all, the chairperson introduces the topic and the structure. Then, the summary writers suggest their summaries. The context writer comes next with his context. Meanwhile the blackboard writer is writing statement on the blackboard. The statements are chosen from a big suggested variety by the whole group and discussed.

The chairperson summarizes everything in the end. The teacher possesses equal rights with students. The tutors help the chairperson with organization of the seminar and take parts in the discussion. They ask questions and share their opinion and knowledge during the lessons. From one side teachers are participating in the seminar.

But from another, they help the chairperson to keep the seminar going, to let everybody express his opinion. Do you want to know about the seminar where I was a chair? How difficult it is to be? And what were my responsibilities? What did the teachers think about the seminar I organised? Then, my next news will be right for you! Tot ziens.

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