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Being a chairperson at a seminar (student story#8)

Student stories 28 October 2007, 00:00

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: Hallo! On my last seminar I was a chairperson. It is a very responsible and important role. 

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: Hallo! On my last seminar I was a chairperson. It is a very responsible and important role. 

And it is also a good possibility to develop your leadership and organizational abilities. During the lecture we decided who is going to be summary writer, context writer and a blackboard writer. We divided texts to summarize. And I informed everybody about the statements they all need to write and send me.

Everything seemed to be well-organized. Our group is already a well-joined team. We have all the e-mails of each other. If any of us has a question about studying or anything else we just write e-mails to each other. And very soon you will have an answer or an idea from all the students. I made an e-mail account for our group where we can upload pictures and made photo albums. And I sent the name and password to everybody.

When I realized that I would be a chairperson on the seminar I started to work in this direction. I sent the e-mails to everybody what I need from them to prepare for the seminar. I asked them to sent me summaries, context and statements. As soon as I got the statements I sent them back to everybody so they can be better prepared for the discussion. All the summaries, context and statements were sent to me on time. And the one thing I need to do is to read all the texts for the discussion myself carefully and to set up a plan for the seminar.

During the night before the seminar I slept for only one hour. Till 7 o’clock in the morning I was doing my chairperson’s obligations. I was studying all the texts. After I received all the information I was waiting from my fellow students I started to work on it. I divided statements into 3 groups so then can be chosen from any topic we are discussing. I counted the time for summaries and context. I wrote a plan for the seminar. All these things I was doing till 7 AM. Then I was so tired and exhausted that I decided to relax for a couple minutes. I didn’t set up any alarm. I just closed my eyes and laid down.

It was already 8.00 when I woke up! My classes should have started at 8 30. And I still didn’t send all the information to my email I was going to print in the school and distribute among the students and teachers. I didn’t have any time left for the breakfast. And it usually takes me about 15 min to get from my home to school by bike and find the room at school. So I was almost late!

But I did a good job! That was the phrase I received from my tutors after the seminar. I tried to make everybody participate. Even the students that were rather shy and silent were motivated to answer my questions. We were so busy discussing our field-trip and summaries (though one summary writer didn’t come) that there were no time left for statements. It was my success. I am really proud of it!


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