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Saxion University: MSc Urban and Regional Planning

Programmes 7 November 2007, 00:00

A graduate from the Master of Science programme Urban and Regional Planning and Development may work at government agencies, consultancies, research institutes and other non-governmental organizations.

Planning is an important issue anywhere, any day. The Middle Ages already knew crowded cities. The metropoles of the world today face many town planning challenges. Rural areas are endangered by deforestation, poverty or desertification.

Governments like to control housing facilities. Citizens may have different needs. International conferences focus on sustainable development, environmentalists require safe and clean industrial sites.

Your job

Dealing with these processes is the job of a city planner or a rural developer, a town developer or an all round planner. 
Do you long to transform your ideas and images into practical advice?
Are you already employed as a planner and given the oppurtunity to study abroad? 
Do you want to become part of our network of students that plan in the world and advice their governments anywhere?
Do you have to work in a top-down approach or bottum-up? Do you want to broaden your view? Think you may need GIS in you future career?

Essential planning

Are you interested in European scale policies and plan? Ever wondered how the Dutch plan new housing when each time conflicts with agricultural or recreational or industrial areas occur? Do you want to see yourself how we live in a large river delta, the majority of towns built near water. Planning is essential to us.

The Netherlands became one of the most densely populated countries in the world. We  plan very carefully where to build houses, railroads, highways, industrial districts, offices and agricultural areas. Regional developments lead to conflicts if not guided properly.The conservation and developing of nature areas involves difficult choices.

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