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Student Story: Master in International Service Management

Programmes Student stories 16 May 2013, 10:00

Besides the Master programme in International Leisure and Tourism Studies, Stenden University also offers a Master in International Service Management.

Besides the Master programme in International Leisure and Tourism Studies, Stenden University also offers a Master in International Service Management.

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It is intended to provide students with advanced knowledge in service studies, an in-depth perspective on service management theories, and insight into the implications for management practices.

Through supervised research, they become aquainted with academic knowledge in the broad field of service management.

They are encouraged to perform in-depth studies about issues of personal interest, relevant to their academic and professional development.

The main objective of the Master in International Service Management is that the graduates are capable of serving as internal or external consultants, conducting research, and offering advice related to the policies of service companies.

Student story about study at Stenden

Ekaterina Petrova, from Russia, Graduate of a Master Program in International Service Management:

“Stenden University is a small world of large opportunities for young people who pursue their goals for professional and personal development and who want to build a successful career in their future.

I come from Russia and I am a fresh graduate of a Master Program in International Service Management, living in Amsterdam now. Studying in Stenden was a great and valuable experience for me. Knowledge and experience, which I obtained during my study program, gave me a feeling of security and confidence for my further professional development.

I can say that Stenden truly cares about its students not only during the education period, but also after the graduation. A good example of this is my trip to Moscow, organized by Stenden, for the Official Launch of Russian Alumni Network event, which took place on 20th of October 2011.

It was a big honor to be able to attend this event, since its main purpose was to help Russian alumni students who studied in the Netherlands to connect with each other. Another exciting part of this event was a presence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands – Mark Rutte, who came to lay the foundation of the Netherlands Alumni Network in Russia.

The participants of this event had a possibility to speak with the Prime Minister and ask him questions. Thanks to Stenden I had this unique experience. Besides this I had the chance to get new important contacts, which will contribute to my professional and social network. Thank you, Stenden!”

 Read more about Stenden's Master in International Hospitality and Service Management on the university's website.

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