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Exams in Stenden University (story #11)

Student stories 2 March 2008, 00:00

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: The second module is over. Hopefully passed. But I am still waiting for the results. 

Student of MA in International Leisure and Tourism Studies Elena Starkova tells: The second module is over. Hopefully passed. But I am still waiting for the results. In Stenden University everything is done very attentively and carefully and thus it requires a lot of time. From the exam day to the day you receive your results it can take up to 4 weeks. Long time, huh?

Exams at Stenden University

But now let’s talk about the exams in details. The exams take place during the study period. It can be in the middle of the module or during the last week. You don’t have the week or so for preparation. You can have the day full of lessons just before the exam day and the day with seminars and lectures for which you need to prepare really hard right afterwards. It is a great challenge I would say.

Though it seems so from the beginning in reality it is not. In my Master program we don’t have the oral exams. Furthermore, all the exams I have will fall into 2 main categories. Among them are the tests with essay type questions and short answer test. For exam you have about 2,5-3 hours for essay type questions and only 45 minutes for short answer test.

I am studying on Master program in Stenden Universit and we don’t have multiple choice and true/false question tests as there are in bachelor program. It can be explained quite easy. Masters need to think but not just to choose the answer. Every answer you give should be explained.

You can support the ideas of the key scientists or you can offer your own insights.  If you can explain your point of view and justify it using clear examples from practice then your answer will be considered as correct. It would be right even if it contradicts with scientific ideas and approaches. But before developing your own ideas and thoughts and re-inventing the wheel you should be familiar with what already exists in the academic world.

Assignments Stenden University

Besides exams in Stenden University Master students also have the assignments. Sometimes writing and preparation of an assignment is much more difficult and time consuming than reading and studying for the exam. Assignments can be of three different types. Specifically they are essay writing, report writing and presentation.

They can be both individual and group. It can happen so that for one module (such as Quality of Leisure and Tourism I had in December) you have to write 2 different assignments (individual and group), prepare presentation with a group and pass an exam with essay type questions. One thing is good about an essay type questions test is that you have the choice between questions to answer!

So, are you still thinking about studying here? Good luck then with your exams and assignments!

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