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Tilburg University: more applications from international students

7 March 2008, 00:00

The number of applications received from international students is climbing. The new strategy for recruiting international students seems to be paying off.

The number of applications received from international students in Tilburg University is climbing. The new strategy for recruiting international students seems to be paying off. New brochures, new banners, an improved website, scholarships, and all kinds of promotional gizmos flaunting the Tilburg University logo are only some examples of the improved recruiting strategy.

Internationalisation is a hot topic at Tilburg University. Originally, the people and offices responsible for Tilburg's internationalisation policy were spread out over various faculties and departments within the university. The International Office was officially opened in September 2006, with the aim of centralising this process.

The International Marketing Officer's main task is to recruit foreign degree-seeking students. Apart from high international rankings, name recognition is pivotal in attracting foreign students.

This is why Tilburg University works very hard to make a name for itself, and the International office contributes to that. "We aim to stay in touch with partner universities and other business partners. It often happens that partner universities point out Tilburg University to their students because they know us and they recognise that we have high-quality education."

Thomas Knight from the United States (Master's in Economics) agrees with that. "I first heard about Tilburg from my advisor, who knew because another student had been there two years ago." One way of putting Tilburg University on the international map is by being present at information fairs all over the world. Of course, the best spokespeople of all are the students who have experienced Tilburg first-hand.

Students participating in the recently established Sounding Board often join the International Office employees when they attend fairs in the students' native countries. The fliers passed out at these fairs have been translated into the language of the country. 

At the Faculty of Economics, for example, the number of applications has gone up from 450 in 2006 to around 650 in 2007. Almost 300 international students came to study at Tilburg University in 2007, while the year before only 175 students chose for Tilburg. [Linda Mous]/Univers Tilburg University

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