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10 reasons to study at Wittenborg Business School

15 December 2010, 00:00

Students from over 20 different countries have followed business and management studies at Wittenborg Business School.

Wittenborg is a private business school offers International Business Administration programme taught in English.

There are a lot of reasons for coming to study in Holland for Wittenborg’s IBA programme:

  1. Wittenborg is a really international business school: you study at  a international environment at a specialised and student-centered institute with ± 200 students of  38 nationalities, staff from over 10 countries, and an intensive, fully packed curriculum in English.
  2. It is possilble to choose a specialisation of Bussiness studies after 1 year of study and to change specialisation before the start of the 2nd year.
  3. Business school has all-round student service, including application of visa and residence permit, insurance, medical counselor, student accommodation, and hotline for night time and weekend: making settlement for (inter)national students much easier.
  4. Unique, business-based curriculum provided in units of 6-week blocks, taught by lecturers from business and industry – 22 lesson hours a week on average.
  5. Possibility to obtain your Bachelor Degree within 3 years, in English, with options for advanced placement, based on previous studies and credits.
  6. Flexible starting and graduation dates: start or graduation in each block – 6 times a year.
  7. Partner institutions and business partners all across the globe, where students can study and/or be guided in their work placement abroad. Partner universities in the UK, USA, Russia, campuses in Nepal, India, Ukraine and Germany; where students can study and be guided in work experience.
  8. Quality control: student satisfaction is measured and acted upon each block. The programmes are accredited by Dutch authorities.
  9. Practice makes perfect: our programmes are full of competency and skills based learning: work experience of 3 to 6 months included.
  10. Easily finding employment after graduation: many success stories from graduates – a lot of students are already offered a job during their internship. Starting salary from €25.800 per year. Assistance in finding of job after graduation from the IBA, often immediate employment through work placement company.

Apeldoorn is the studentsafe city in the center of The Netherlands

Wittenborg is based in city of Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn is situated in 1 hour drive from Amsterdam. It is a small and safe town where life is cheaper than Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

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