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What you should know as a highly-skilled migrant (kennismigrant)

Question and Answers Work in Holland 7 September 2011, 00:00

Would you like to stay in the Netherlands after graduation as a highly-skilled migrant (kennismigrant)? Read this article to find out everything about the procedure you need to follow, salary requirements to meet and what to do if you lose a job as a kennismigrant.

If you have graduated in the Netherlands and stayed to search for work after graduation (zoekjaar), you are expected to find a job as a highly-skilled migrant (kennismigrant) and submit all the necessary documents to the IND (Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service) before the end of the searching year.

Requirements of a highly-skilled migrant scheme

In order to meet the requirements of a highly-skilled migrant scheme, you have to find a job, which would meet certain income criteria. The income requirements are revised every year. Thus, in 2011 persons who have graduated in the Netherlands satisfy the income requirement of a highly-skilled migrant if their gross annual income is equal or higher than 26.605 EUR. The income requirement for those who did not study in the Netherlands before is much higher.

If you are offered a job which meets the abovementioned requirement, your employer has to apply for your new residence permit on your behalf. However, in order to do so, the company you would like to work for has to be registered in the IND. You can find a list of all companies admitted to the highly-skilled migrant procedure on the official website of the IND.

If the company you would like to work for is not mentioned there, your future employer must first apply for the admission to the highly-skilled migrant procedure. It is quite a simple procedure which normally takes several weeks (if all the required documents are submitted in order). The application form for the companies is available on the official website of the IND as well.

When the company is admitted, your employer must fill in a special application form on your behalf and send it to the Office for Labour and Highly-skilled migrants (Department of the IND) together with a copy of your contract. Your employer is also requested to pay your residence permit fee (as a highly-skilled migrant) – 750 EUR. Your application form is then processed by the IND and the decision is made within several weeks. When you receive your residence permit card, you will see that it includes the name of your employer. As a kennismigrant you are only allowed to work for that particular company.

If you lose a job...

If you become unemployed through no fault of your own, you are entitled to a search period of three months to find a new job as a highly-skilled migrant. However, you should make sure that your ex-employer has informed the IND that you are no longer working for him and your contract was ended through no fault of yours. If you are to blame for the termination of your contract, you are not entitled to a search period and your residence permit card will be withdrawn.

If you qualify for the search period, it will start on the date your contract has ended. If you find another job as a highly-skilled migrant, your new employer has to inform the IND in writing and apply for your new residence permit. If you fail to find a job within this period, your residence permit will be withdrawn.

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