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Top 10 survival tips of Lianna from University of Kent

3 June 2006, 14:34

Are you going to study Great Britain? Read 10 survival tips from Lianna who went to the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK).

Going to university: top 10 survival tips from Lianna who went to the University of Kent at Canterbury.

  1. Don't sign up to too many societies -The Medieval Re-Enactment Society may have seemed cool at the time, but are you really going to meet up every week on Rough Common on a cold Sunday morning to pelt each other with blunted swords?
  2. Take lots of Toilet Paper and keep it in your room - it's funny how the mundane essentials get used up quickly but it's always you who stumps up the cash when you run out.
  3. Marmite - it's cheap, goes a long way and is the most likely food not to be thieved from your food cupboard when out in a lecture.
  4. Lots of Soup - it's non-perishable and is fast food at its best and can be kept for rainy days when you are skint.
  5. Take millions of socks and pants - you always end up losing them, despite living in a tiny abode and when you haven't had time to do your washing, you'll always have some spare! Head off to Marks and Sparks now!
  6. Take a computer - whatever happens. You are at a massive advantage having a work station in your room and will never have to queue for hours at the library to check your emails or write that essay.
  7. Take lots of booze for the first term - you don't necessarily have to drink it all, but it's a great way to break the ice with your new housemates and make new friends.
  8. Brings lots of photos - for your wall. It eases you into the process of being away from family and friends and makes you feel 10 times better on a rainy day.
  9. Coffee and Pro Plus - as I have seen, many leave studying to the last moment and cram those last few essays into the last week of term lots of coffee and late nights should do the trick.
  10. STUDY - don't forget this! You don't have to be Billy-no-mates to get a good mark, and in the first year, many of the marks don't contribute to your final degree however… the next two years of hard graft will be made much easier if you worked in the first year, the teachers DO remember you and of course… isn't studying the reason for going to university.

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