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The UK: Watchdog queries degree standards

Great Britain 11 May 2009, 03:01

The Quality Assurance Agency has been investigating reports questioning the reliability of degree standards...


The university watchdog is calling for improvements in the "robustness and consistency" of how degrees are awarded.The Quality Assurance Agency of the United Kingdom has been investigating reports questioning the reliability of degree standards.It calls for a review of the tests used to check the English language skills required by overseas students.

The Universities Secretary John Denham says there is no systemic problem with university academic standards.The QAA's report follows a series of concerns over academic standards, raised last summer.

The watchdog has found a number of areas of concern which it says will require further examination.It says that action is needed to improve how degrees are assessed and classified "within and between institutions" - and for explanations of the variations in assessment.

It also raises questions about the admittance and recruitment of overseas students - who have become an increasingly important factor in university finances.

BBC News


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