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Nyenrode New Business School

Study Business in Amsterdam

16 April 2010, 19:34

New Business School, Amsterdam intends to bring onto the Dutch higher education market a new educational variant for ambitious students.

Founden in 2006 and situated in the capital of the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, New Business School offers a new educational variant for ambitious students:a 3-year international programme of business studies at a private university, with English as the language of instruction.

This educational concept will be developed and realised in a partnership with a British university. The curriculum will be based on Anglo-Saxon teaching methods and will lead to the award of an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts degree.

Six good reasons to study  business in Amsterdam

  1. Education as an experience

    The school is located both literally and ideologically at the centre of creative business. As a result, the creative industry is an important source of inspiration. Students act as junior business people in small teams, reflecting current business practice. In order to be successful in your programme, you will be expected to develop creativity and a sense of entrepreneurship. Most projects will be carried out in real-life business situations.

    In the second year of study, some students will create their own businesses, while others work closely together in a so-called student-run company. Third year students find themselves in the middle of the international academic and business world in London and perhaps Rome. The final project could take place anywhere in the world.

  2. An international focus of study

    The future of many companies lies in acquiring or keeping an international perspective. Our study locations in Amsterdam and London, along with the option to carry out the final dissertation project anywhere in the world, testify to the international character of the programme.

    A strong accent is placed on the European dimension of informed citizenship and personal values and ethics. The companies with which we work are international in character and in their operations. Most importantly, this programme leads to an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts degree. The business degree programme is being reviewed by Business subject specialists for validation by the University of Westminster

  3. University academic and the practical professional

    The New Business School offers an ideal combination for VWO students who are interested in both the theoretical approach as well as the professional side of the business arena.

    A special Bridging Course is offered to HAVO high potentials who want to enter the academic world at university level. Having successfully completed this course, HAVO-students are then qualified to embark on our business degree courses.

  4. Small groups

    For a major part of your study you will be assigned to a team of five to eight students. The teams operate as business units. While each individual has a part to play, the members are responsible to the group and have to study and work closely together.

    Leadership, responsibility, creativity and entrepreneurship are some of the qualities emphasised and practised in our courses. Professional coaches give space to the group to find its own solutions, while also carefully monitoring the individual academic results, productivity and level of participation in discussions.

  5. The personal touch

    Staff get to know their students personally, an essential point in a school where everyone has an important role:

    You are co-responsible for the business course and have full responsibility for your own grades
    You are not a barcode but a creative person with transparent goals

    The members of the study group have to prepare both for their own role as well as that of a colleague in order to provide back up should the need arise. This can be both challenging and stressful.

  6. Business courses developed in close cooperation with global companies

    Our close association with leading companies enables us to offer you a cutting edge curriculum. Students will always be able to stay up to date in international business. The companies with which we work are very interested in entrepreneurial students for their own innovation oriented future.
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