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English courses at UvA talen in Amsterdam

Language 29 June 2014, 18:55

Do want to learn or improve your English in the Netherlands? The language school, UvA Talen, offers the largest selection of language courses available in Amsterdam. Regularly scheduled modules of language courses at various levels in 10 different languages run several times a year.

Every year around 1,000 participants come to the language school "UvA Talen" to improve or acquire language skills. UvA Talen offers the largest selection of language courses, available in Amsterdam. The modules in 10 different language courses run several times a year, and classes take place several times a week. They suit any individual, who wishes to improve the language proficiency.

The language courses at UvA Talen are results-oriented. The main goal is to raise the participants’ level of knowledge in a short period of time, which also requires a big effort and a hard work from each participant. The tutors are the native speakers of the language. They teach every aspect of the language in a very profound way.

It is known that the best way to learn a foreign language is to communicate, and group classes is an excellent way to do so. It also helps to get a better understanding of all different nuances of the language. The courses are held in small groups of 4 - 12 people, where the students can receive plenty of individual attention from the instructors.

The small group size also promotes interaction between the participants. Students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and to contribute to the lessons in order to bring out the best in themselves and their fellow classmates.

English group courses

As one of the leading adult language education specialists in the Netherlands, UvA Talen is a popular provider of English language courses. The language school offers an extensive range of general language proficiency courses from English Elementary (A1) to the English Proficiency Masterclass (C1.2), as well as an English Refresher Course.

These courses allow the participants to improve their comprehensive language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Participants will systematically and rapidly build vocabulary and gain additional practical knowledge of English grammar.

The teachers utilize high-quality and accredited teaching materials carefully selected based on our many years of experience. A final test finalizes the each language course.

Besides the general language courses the language school also offers a number of special courses at the upper-intermediate and advanced levels. English@Work and Writing Business Reports enable business professionals to finetune their language skills for the appropriate field. Writing Papers in English has been created specifically for those with an academic background. UvA Talen offers a Presentation Skills course on giving presentations in English. A final test finalizes the each language course.

European Framework of Reference

All language courses are based on the European Framework of Reference, an internationally recognized standard for language levels developed by the Council of Europe. This indicates the language level can be achieved upon the finishing of each language course. The achieved level will be stated on the certificate, which is issued upon satisfactory completion of the final test. For more information on the European Framework of Reference.

English courses and levels

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