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Norway is the best country to live in

Norway 6 October 2009, 01:28

The United Nations ranked Norway as the best country to live in.

The United Nations ranked Norway as the best country to live in. Oil-rich Norway, with its generous welfare state, topped the U.N. Development Program's human development index, based on such criteria as life expectancy, education and income.

The top ten countries listed on the index are: Norway, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Japan.

The United States ranks 13th, down one spot from last year.

This year's index was based on data from 2007 and does not take into account the impact of the global economic crisis.

Despite wealth, high levels of education, low unemployment, and an economic boom, Norwegians often complain of high taxes and of weaknesses in their cradle-to-grave welfare state, such as waiting lists at hospitals and a shortage of public care for both children and the elderly.

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