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England: students less satisfied with the universities

Great Britain 29 October 2009, 09:00

Students less satisfied with their universities, says poll.First time in five-year history of National Student Survey that overall satisfaction has fallen

According to the latest survey university graduates of England were less content with the quality of their degree programmes this year than last, a poll of more than 220,000 stated.

Almost a fifth of final-year students told the National Student Survey they were dissatisfied with or ambivalent about their study programmes.

The National Union of Students blamed the dip on fees trebling to £3,000 a year. Last year they paid around £1,255 for a study programme.

British students gave the highest scores to the medical schools, with Medway School of Pharmacy and Brighton and Sussex Medical School scoring 97% and 95% respectively in overall satisfaction.

Students at drama schools and on arts courses were among the least content.// Gardian

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