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Students, studying in Holland, travel in Europe by train

23 November 2009, 16:27

More students discover Europe travelling by train. Eurail Pass celebrates 50th anniversary with special ‘off peak’ campaign.

Many students who study in the Netherlands, explore Europe travelling by train.  Eurail Pass celebrates 50th anniversary with special ‘off peak’ campaign.

Each year more overseas students are discovering  Europe by train. In the summer the number of foreing students using the train increased.

The reason is implementation of a Eurail Select Pass by almost 18%. As result  Eurail Group GIE and ISIC start an ‘off peak’ campaign from October until December. The aim is to attract more travelers from all over the world.

It is expected more discount for students in coming months. At the end of this year, the offer applies to all students traveling on a 21-day Eurail Global Pass. Besides 2 extra free travel days, the students can travel to Italy or Greece with the ATTICA Group (a GIE member).

The Eurail Group aims to reinforce the global reach of the Eurail Pass offer to the youth and student market.

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